27 April 2014

Chad FuckFest

Chad Douglas was a megahung porn legend. If you've seen any smut from the 1980s or 1990s, chances are you've seen him. Three years ago, I posted some links to three hot video clips with him; two of those are still active.

I recently spotted two more Chad videos online, so I'm linking them here. Both are classics. The first shows him deflowering a curious but nervous paperboy. The second shows Chad in a martial arts studio, first boning a student, and then sucked by three eager groupies.

The triple suck is truly memorable. If that doesn't make you hard, then I suggest you seek immediate medical help. Two years ago I featured stills from this video, and now I'm glad I can feature the video link, too.

For a direct link to the paperboy vid, click here, and for the triple suck vid, click here.


  1. Yum! So good! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chad Douglas was the epitome of "man" for me in my younger years. I would get hard and cum without touching myself just watching him. He is a god.


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