11 April 2014

Masterpiece Jockbutt

The human body is often a work of art, but sometimes certain artworks command particular attention. The best of those are masterpieces.

This bloke's ass is a masterpiece. His identity is unknown, and this appears to be an amateur photo. Google image search provides no clues as to its owner.

Why is he posing like this? Is it just a taunt, and he's a shameless tease? Or did he post this on a hookup site? Does he want a man to plow him into the next country? Or just park his face back there and get to work?

Whomever shares his bed is a very lucky man. Click here to see the much larger original.


  1. That is hot! He has hot buns and very fuckable! I would love to see you and your bf fuck him all day!

  2. Would love to dive into that ass.

  3. Anonymous13:52

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  4. Anonymous06:58

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