27 January 2014

Brazenly Erotic

Regular readers will know I'm not much for disembodied cock shots here on the blog, but there are exceptions at times. This is one of those times. There's something so brazenly erotic about this, maybe because it was taken in a car. I imagine driving in traffic and seeing this out your window.

A female friend told me recently she occasionally sees a bloke on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles in a convertible (she has an SUV). He has the top down, his pants open, and his hard cock pointing skyward. When traffic slows, he lovingly jerks his cock. She said he's muscular and good looking.

Why do I never see him on the 405?


  1. Anonymous06:18

    So is it the venue, not the length that appeals to you?

    1. Anon, the angle of the camera makes his cock appear larger than it is. It's an old trick. But that aside, I have no complaints about him whatsoever.

  2. Anonymous15:26

    the BEST

  3. I've done this in a parked car, but never one that was moving. That is brazen!

  4. Anonymous06:48

    Don't think this was in a car. He appears to be sitting in a Wassily chair (chrome and leather strips).

  5. I don't care where the shot was taken, I'd just like to hold that throbbing cock taking it to ejaculation.


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