11 January 2014

Hairy Love

I was surfing around the video sites, looking for some hot new porn for the weekend. There seemed to be a real paucity of hairy lads in the latest stuff, so I set out to find three that featured blokes who didn't razor every four hours. Here are three nice ones that I found.

The first one goes a little slow at the beginning, but the two really seem to be into each other, like they had some kind of relationship before they made this scene. The next one, similarly, seems to resemble real life more in the way they don't worry so much about where the camera is and more about pleasing their partner. The last features two blokes who enjoy a good fast, robust fuck.

If you want to watch these videos on the source site itself, you'll need to click here, here, and here.


  1. Anonymous16:07

    The third video was so fucking hot. Awesome rim scene. I wouldn't have come up for air sucking on that hot ass.

  2. superb vids thank you they are well performed
    and not boring as porn usually is

  3. the first and third were amazingly hot thank you
    and keep on writing


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