08 January 2014

Mid-Week Macho

Here are two unrelated videos featuring four men who could never be accused of lacking virility. They love to fuck. First up are a pair of hirsute lads who feel no shame in satisfying their urges. They're followed by two blokes who discover that an outdoor stairwell is the perfect place for some dog-horny fucking.

If you'd rather watch on the Xvideos site, you'll need to click here and here.


  1. so hot watching big muscled bottoms taking cock.

  2. The second one is Dawson w Brad McGuire. You should see Brad now with full gray scruff in Breeding Steve Diagle

  3. Anonymous12:17

    Video #1. I love it when the "bottom" cums while getting fucked while sitting on his "top's" cock, legs spread wide, and with his facial expressions visible when he's having his orgasm. Great climax here.

    Video #2. That's Treasure Island Media's Dawson as the bottom. It's a shame he doesn't get to cum, too.

  4. Anonymous12:29

    Hot pig boys. See the eyes on the top?

  5. Anonymous05:53

    Who's the goatee in the first clip?


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