25 January 2014

In the Mood for Muscle

Sorting through new porn posted at the video sites, much of it involves young twink lads. I wanted some blokes with more muscle on their bones and selected these three.

First up is a shower scene with Girth and Trace. Both lads are nicely built and furry and the one with the bigger cock ends up topping. The next one has an identical opening -- bloke in shorts watches the other one wash his hardening cock -- and then they're soon off to the races.

Last but not least we have everyone's favorite porn werewolf Colby Keller fucking an eager Ricky Roman. This one was my favorite of the three and builds nicely after a long sensual opening. Sometimes waiting a bit before fucking makes it much hotter overall, as this one proves. Colby really knows how to make love to a man.

If you'd rather watch at the Xvideos site, please click here, here, and here.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous07:43

    The third one down does it for me, specially hot brutal lustful thrusting in the doggy style bit.


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