03 January 2014

Hottest Tom

Tom Katt, seen below, went through various incarnations in his porn career. He started out ripped, lean, and hairless, then transitioned into ripped, a little thicker, and hairy, then into bodybuilder huge and shaved, and then back down to semi-huge and hairy before he retired.

These pictures are from his second phase of sorts: ripped, a little thicker, and hairy. This was, in my opinion, his hottest look. He was rugged, masculine, and powerful without looking over pumped. He was also mostly a bottom and usually fun to watch being pounded.


  1. Anonymous11:20

    I miss him so badly. He has always been so magnificent.

  2. Anonymous12:27

    O.K. it has to be said: What a fucking great hairy ass:):) Usaully I don't swear, but after seeing that butt, I could not help myself..

  3. I totally agree that this was his best look.

  4. Anonymous08:49

    I never liked this guy. For one thing wayyy to hairy for my taste. . and I met him when he first was brought to LA by the same guy that brought me to LA for video work. I had already done some work and was riding some fame at the time. .. and certainly was not chopped lived. . .anyway. met him his first night out in LA back then.. . what attitude that one had. . then I would see him in the gym. .. same 'better than you' attitude . . And I gotta tell ya.. . such a SHORT guy. . geez. .. almost a midget. . hehe. . NEVER liked him. . I think he has had some major identity issues over the years too from what I have read. . well, you know what. . . I HOPE he finally realizes he's not all that!

  5. Anonymous19:40

    I have a hard time with him. He's now married to a woman, denis his porn past and is a Christian with a capital C. Given the time he spent in gay porn and the amount of cock he's taken up his ass, I find his claims disingenuous at best. I choose to ignore him.


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