26 January 2014


I liked that Colby Keller vid so much yesterday that I hit the video sites to see what other porn scenes with him were available. I found three that I particularly like.

First is a solo where Colby is milked whilst bound. He produces a prodigious amount of cum that pools on his flat stomach and collects in his belly button. Second is a very hot pairing with Anthony Romero that begins slow and tender and, like Bolero, keeps building in intensity until Colby is pounding him.

Last but certainly not least is a great scene with Dale Cooper where the lads adjourn to an indoor hammock and fuck like bunnies. If you manage to watch all three without getting hard, I'm afraid that you're straight. And if you prefer watching at the Xvideos site itself, you'll want to click here, here, and here.


  1. I wish I could shoot like he does in Vid 1

  2. Like you I find Colby very hot! I would love to give him a tantric cock massage!

  3. Anonymous09:58

    Nice choice there - oh fuck yes!

  4. Anonymous02:11

    Colby Keller needs a shave! He looks ugly to me.

  5. Thanks again for posting theses! He is so hot! In one video he splashed his hot sperm on the other man's cock! So hawt!! I was able to download on my iPad and convert to mp4 so I can watch anytime! Thank you!

  6. Anonymous13:08

    Colby Keller is an unusual porn actor because of his insouciance and independence--and he's a hot guy! Thanks for gathering together these videos.

  7. Anonymous02:42

    bravo COLBY,a very hot dude kisses and shos
    affection rarely seen in porn thank you and more

  8. Colby is my idol thank you for these vids


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