16 January 2014


I know some of you lads don't like tattoos and run for the hills when you see them. I don't mind them if they're artistic.

But when you think about this: it really doesn't matter. When the lights are low and you're pounding his ass or chowing down between his legs, you're not looking at his tattoos.

Lots of big, brawny men have tattoos, so if you're going to be a muscle chaser like me, you have to bang 'em as you find 'em. Or suck 'em as you find 'em, as the case may be.


  1. Anonymous05:27

    I could " bang 'em as [I] find 'em ... or suck 'em as [I] find 'em" only if it's in a very dark room so I would not have to look at them.

  2. Anonymous05:32

    Love em' Give me a full shoulder and arm tattoo any day (No. 7). No tiny Winnie the Pooh tats...


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