24 January 2014

Kissing Cousins

These two lads are allegedly named David (the bottom) and Tim (the top). They could pass as cousins, which would make this scene hotter in my warped mind. I have no male first cousins nor any brothers, but that doesn't stop me from fantasizing that I have a long-lost relative (or two) who's a cock-hungry horndog and would love to meet me.

As is almost always the case on this blog, these images are much larger than they appear below. To see and save -- plus for more images of these two lads I didn't include below -- be sure to click here for a free folder.


  1. Anonymous13:44

    brings back memories

  2. That's Tim fucking David at Sean Cody. Wish Tim did more videos. He's got several out but nothing new in a long time.


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