31 January 2014


His face looks so innocent and guileless, like he'd blush if the talk turned to anything sexual. He's the sort who would admit, with both defiance and a bit of embarrassment, that he's still a virgin.

So while his brain may have decided sins of the flesh are to be avoided, that body thinks otherwise and so does that cock. He may have a sweet, trusting face, but at some point his libido will gain control and his self restraint will go right out the window.

The belt suggests a desire to walk on the wild side. He's just begging to be put over some hot bloke's knee and have his backside tanned.

The older bloke from yesterday's post would be the perfect one to pop his cherry.

(Click here to see this photo in a much larger version.)


  1. Anonymous07:39

    Wow! For me that body is nothing less than perfect.

  2. Anonymous08:10

    One word for this "cherry vanilla" dude.. he looks AWESOME:)


  3. Handsome, very well proportioned and equipped. A nice cuddler but I would like him with a little chest hair to go along with his treasure trail.


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