23 January 2014

Thursday Boners

I always laugh when I hear the commercials for Viagra and Cialis where the voiceover guy says "call your doctor if you have an erection lasting four hours or more." I always say back "but what if your doctor is a straight old toad?"

I guess a four-hour boner could be scary, but you could certainly put it to good use, too. You could go to some tea room and get a few dozen blowjobs. You'd be the most popular bloke there.

Thinking about a four-hour erection is giving me an erection. Or maybe it's because I wanted to look at some boners and rustled up these lads here. The last one is licking his chops, like he's been looking at the other seven.

These pictures are all larger than they appear, so you can click here to see and save. (Select the "original" tab to see the full-size version.)


  1. If I have a four hour erection, I would spend that time at the baths walking around naked! Or go to the gay bar for the evening!

  2. Anonymous08:55

    The commercial does not tell you what might happen if you pass the four hour mark and you can't get in touch with your doctor. If you decide to go to a hospital or urgent care facility, will your insurance provider consider it a real emergency?

  3. If I had a four hour erection... I would be calling the media!

  4. Anonymous15:15

    Fuck ya your all hot take me out


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