09 January 2014

The Hard Hat

Some men in hardhats are gross troglodytes whilst others are ripped and hot and look like sex on a stick. I like this lad's look, with his nice lean, muscled body down to his fat cock and mushroom head.

I particularly like how his meat stands at quarter mast even though he doesn't have a boner. No shriveled glob of flesh for him. His cock always wants you to know it's ready for action.

He appeared in this solo set as Stewart Parker, which looks like it was made at least ten years back. But I couldn't find any listings for him in the porn databases so I don't know if this was his only appearance in the flesh. I'd love to see him put that cock to good use.

These pictures are much larger than they appear here, so you can examine and download the entire set for free here.


  1. Anonymous06:51

    Should one assume you've never met a caveman you'd take to bed?

    1. There's a difference between a gross troglodyte and a hot troglodyte. ;)

  2. Anonymous12:34

    LOVE the other hard stuff :-)

  3. Thanks for featuring this hot black man. There is a new compilation of black men in affectionate situations, called "Hidden in the Open." Below is one of the sexier ones, but they're all wonderful.

  4. Here's another sexy black man from another set,"Handsome Men of African descent."


  5. Anonymous16:09

    I'd love to suck on that cock and have him shoot his jiz right down my throat.


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