29 January 2014

The Private Dance

The repressed lust here makes this video extremely hot. This is definitely an example of porn that uses the "less is more" strategy effectively.

The build up makes it all work. Instead of fucking two seconds into the scene, things take a good long while to heat up and steam the windows.

Direct link here if you want to watch on the Xvideos site.


  1. Anonymous08:26

    Great flick!
    I wonder when it was made -- you can't get that today for $100.

  2. Anonymous18:32

    Nice little film. . hot idea. . .but to be honest it really was not shot well . . too much time spent on the guys suits and not enough time on really HOT angles and sex scenes. . that's what makes a video hot is the angles at which they shoot and capture a really hot shot. . only a good photographer/videographer and director knows how to do that. Its the fine line that makes a video HOT.


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