22 January 2014


Holy crap, Zeb Atlas is massively huge in this video. He's turning into Cro-Magnon Man. Not that that's a bad thing.

"Cro-Magnons were robustly built and powerful," says Wikipedia. "The body was generally heavy and solid with a strong musculature."

That's our Zeb. He can drag me off to his cave anytime he wants. I like how he's big, but he's also gentle -- a tender giant.

If you'd rather watch this at the source site, you'll need to click here.


  1. Strong like bull!

  2. Anonymous08:59

    Unfortunately I find Zeb Atlas to be very UNsexy . . .there is just something about him that is not very sexy to me. Hes like this big glob of flesh that just doesn't have the IT factor! And what is up with that horrid tattoo he put on his arm? Geez! It looks like some massive mole on his arm. I realize he is making money doing what he does BUT in my opinion I think he would be much more appealing if he changed his body type to more of a cut, ripped, symmetrical shape and got a nice tan to go with it. THEN he might actually have some sex appeal.

    1. I pretty much agree. When will these guys ever learn? Sometimes, less is more. He's good looking enough, in an ordinary kind of way--and that's fine. He's got a great body to begin with--why go so overboard at the gym? PLUS, so many of these guys are either dead or have serious health issues due to steroids. [That really doesn't hit home until you know someone in this category.] So wise up guys--to be fit and toned is one thing, but to be so over-pumped is just not necessary; you're hot already.

  3. Zeb - Give me a primitive man!! YES!!

  4. Anonymous04:02

    Have to agree. He had so much going for him in both height and size. Personality? A big fat zero!


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