17 January 2014

Bull Dozer

Here's Mike Dozer, the antithesis of the inked blokes featured here yesterday. He's an all-natural lad with no ink, no piercings, and a minimal amount of manscaping.

He's had a fast rise in porn both as a top and a bottom. I hope he's here to stay for a while. For those playing along at home, he's impaling Marcus Isaacs with his meatstick in the pictures.

These photos are considerably larger than they appear below, so click here for a free folder where they can be seen and downloaded in their original size.


  1. Yep! He is very hot like you said! And natural. I prefer no ink and little piercing. Call me old fashion! LOL!

  2. Anonymous19:36

    I like Mike:)

    Great body, and that's one fine piece of meat in between those man legs..



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