20 January 2014

May I Suck It, Sir?

I love this picture. The younger lad seems so willing yet submissive, whilst the older one, Jake Deckard, seems like he would be both dominant and tender. The subtext here is that this is the young one's first time, that it may involve a little pain, but it will also involve a great deal of pleasure -- pleasure like he never knew was possible.


  1. Sometimes I enjoy seeing younger service older and older fucking younger. Younger would be men over 30, or regular guys, not pretty twinks.
    The younger here looks in his 20s, but regular guy. The bonus is he looks like ginger! Yum!

  2. Anonymous14:23

    Fuck ya, so macho, yet so tender. Though he would make it known that he's the boss, he would never hurt the smaller one.

    Thanks, the pic is hot indeed.

  3. Anonymous06:28

    Jake Deckard is a wonderfully hot man. Most of his films from Titan are exquisite. I haven't seen anything new from for a while. Thanks for the entry.

  4. mark03:07

    great pic.... looks a bit like Blu Kennedy from behind?

  5. Anonymous06:50

    A very, VERY, sexy pic...


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