16 August 2017

Actions Matter More Than Words

Donald Trump may have renounced racism and white supremacy on Monday -- albeit unenthusiastically and only after intense bipartisan pressure -- but his actions speak louder than his empty words.

As detailed by The Hill (link here) and numerous other publications in recent days, Trump froze funding for programs to fight racism and neo-Nazis while also proposed completely cutting such projects in future budgets.

In recent weeks, Trump has quietly ordered the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies to focus exclusively on alleged Islamic terror groups in the United States and, unlike under previous Presidents, to ignore violent neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.

Such a focus almost certainly was for political theater and feeding his false narrative about a country supposedly teeming with Islamic terrorists. In reality, the number of crimes committed within the United States by white supremacists far exceeds those by domestic Islamic terrorists.

This is a familiar pattern for Trump we've seen before. He says he has one stance -- allegedly against racism -- but his actions show he has the opposite stance: he embraces racist support and deliberately appeals to them with things like his birther lies.

He's done the same to the LGBT community. He says he's pro-LGBT -- in fact claims to be the most pro-LGBT President ever -- but his actions show the opposite: he's surrounded himself with anti-LGBT haters and quietly accepts support from anti-LGBT hate groups, even going as far as including some people from the latter organizations in his own administration.


  1. Anonymous04:47

    Inmoral. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Since the Charlottesville events and more after how your «president» was reacting in his «cha-cha» dance of such BAD non presidential comments, "HE" is really showing WHO "HE" is and for WHAT people "HE" stands for.

    This is so dangerous for USA and even more than the North Korean clown danger: it could lead to a modern civil war in USA. Since 1860, seems that the «racist» states NEVER came out of their ideas.
    With the results of last presidential election, the clash between the «liberal» states and the «racist» ones came out clearly.

    "HE" isn't fit to the title of «president of USA, POTUS» and for me "HE" is just «no.45» as I saw in another blog. JUST no.45 nothing more.


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