02 August 2017

Faking News

Donald Trump has a simple rule for media reportage. Whenever he is confronted with a negative article about him, his administration, and/or his businesses, he simply declares it "fake news" and tells his supporters it's all a fabrication by unseen forces out to "get" him.

Well, it turns out fake news is real, and it's Trump himself who is faking it.

On Monday night, The Washington Post broke an explosive story (link here) that the President himself was involved in drafting a misleading statement about his son's meeting with emissaries of the Russian government during the campaign last year.

Some legal experts are now theorizing that this dissembling campaign by Trump and key members of his administration could lead to criminal obstruction of justice charges in the future. If so, then Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is conducting the criminal investigation into Trump, his businesses, and his campaign, likely could assign investigators to this newest scandal.

As was revealed yesterday, this wasn't the only time Trump was faking news.

National Public Radio broke the shocking story (link here) that the President himself, plus unidentified staffers, a key Trump supporter, and Fox News conspired to create a fake news story about the murder of Seth Rich, an employee of the Democratic Party. The fake news was designed to distract from the growing media coverage of Trump's mushrooming Russian scandals.

This leads us to the big question of why the President is always trying to deflect attention away from his Russian scandals and stop the investigations.

Is he trying to hide something?

Are these the actions of an innocent man?


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