14 August 2017

Caspar's Itch

The big brawny lad here is currently going by the name Caspar in porn and has been featured a bunch of times on this blog before. The producer's webpage describes him as straight but has no problems with man-on-man action.

He may think he's straight but he certainly has a very scratchy bisexual itch he keeps needing to satisfy. He also is reported to be very much into dominant women and pegging. I think his subconscious may be crying out for a big hairy biker daddy to make him his bitch.

The previous photo posts on this blog featuring Caspar can be found here and here. Please note that all photo sets found via those links are still active and can be downloaded.

The new photos here today are part of a large group featuring more than four hundred shots of Caspar in two different sets flip-flopping with two different lads. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, you'll want to click here.

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