01 August 2017


Queerty published a good article on Sunday (link here) with the title "Those crickets you hear? That’s Peter Thiel standing up to Trump’s attacks."

As you probably know, billionaire Thiel is a prominent entrepreneur and venture capitalist who happens to be gay. He also is a well known supporter of libertarian, conservative, and Republican politics and causes.

Thiel publicly endorsed Donald Trump's presidential campaign, gave a $1.25 million donation to pro-Trump political action committees, and spoke in support of Trump as a keynote speaker at the 2016 GOP national convention.

At the time, the Trump campaign was claiming the candidate was pro-LGBT as proven by support from people like Thiel. And Thiel made some comments in interviews that he was satisfied that a President Trump would not attack LGBT rights.

Six months after being sworn into office, however, Trump, Pence, Sessions, and others have shown their true stripes. As the linked Queerty notes, the Trump administration is the most anti-LGBT since Ronald Reagan's.

Yet Thiel remains silent. That's because he puts politics before his identity and his community. This is not the first time he has done thi -- he has donated to many openly anti-LGBT candidates in the past.

This kind of behavior is nothing short of self-loathing on Thiel's part. He's acting like someone who hates the fact that he's gay.

Otherwise, why would he support people who hate him and want to strip away his rights?

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