27 August 2017

Feckless Fool

On Friday, Politico published a shorter article about how Donald Trump has been all talk and no action on tax reform (link here).

Now we have to expect any tax "reform" coming out of the Republican Party will only truly benefit the fabulously wealthy, so quite honestly I hope the GOP's efforts to overhaul the tax code fail. That's an issue which should be handled by a bipartisan effort so we don't end up with the skewed systems that resulted during the Reagan and Bush years.

The issue of Trump's failure to deliver the goods, however, is of interest here. This failure once again shows how he made all sorts of promises, he and his people continue to double down on those claims, and then completely drop the ball.

To use an American sports analogy, Trump is saying he'll be the greatest baseball player ever. But then when he steps up to the plate, he immediately strikes out. That would be followed by blaming the pitcher, the sun, the dirt on the playing field, the smell of hot dogs, the rowdy fans, and on and on.

This is why Trump is and will always be a terrible President. He talks a good game but utterly fails to deliver, but that's no real surprise, because he's always been a con artist and a huckster. Most of us saw this coming long before he entered the White House.

Make no mistake about it, Trump is feckless and lazy when it comes to being President. He may have been somewhat successful as a real estate developer, albeit probably a deeply dishonest one. But success in one field doesn't automatically make someone into an expert President.

Trump repeatedly promised to be better than the politicians who have occupied the White House. However, he consistently fails to deliver as he founders around in confusion and incompetence.

It was patently obvious during the election this almost certainly would happen. Trump ran a really bad campaign and succeeded in winning only by accident (after losing the popular vote by millions).

A wealthy CEO could possibly be an excellent President, but Trump isn't that CEO. (Whether he is actually wealthy or simply skimming the margin off a heavily indebted business remains to be seen.)

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