15 August 2017

Too Little, Too Late

Donald Trump -- finally -- spoke out against racism, Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists in an unenthusiastic statement delivered Monday, two full days after the horrific Charlottesville attack.

When you're outraged about something, you speak out immediately. You don't wait two days to say something and only after you've been repeatedly prodded to do so. You don't give a "muted and unpersuasive" statement, as Frank Bruni brilliantly characterized Trump's reluctance in a great opinion piece for The New York Times yesterday (link here).

In his piece, Bruni also comments about how, just hours earlier, Trump absolutely trashed via Twitter CEO Kenneth Frazier who resigned from a presidential advisory commission over the President's behavior following this past weekend's attack. Trump reacted to Frazier within minutes -- and Frazier happens to be African-American -- but the President waited days to say anything substantive about white supremacy.

I received an email after my piece yesterday appeared here from a reader who asked, "what does Charlottesville have to do with being gay, since gays weren't even attacked there?"

The answer is simple. Hate of any kind must not be tolerated. A society that refuses to speak out against white supremacism is also a society that will remain silent when someone attacks LGBT citizens. Or any non-white, non-straight person for that matter.

If we don't speak out now, who will speak out for us when we're attacked? Silence is not a solution.


  1. Anonymous06:22

    Absolutely right, Manhandler.

  2. Well said and it's so obvious that this man isn't «presidential» and is just there to promote white-straight bigotry and narrow minded point of view as his d├ęplorable moron base people.

    Since 1860, black rights are not even settled down and as black people are still struggling for their FREEDOM RIGHTS, it's to believe that LGBT rights are in danger too.

    With "HIM" as POTUS nothing will be going in a progressive way and worst, your country is going backwards in so many rights and politics.

    In Quebecor French, when we say someone is a «TWEET» it means that he is a «imbecile or idiot» so Trumpty Dumpty is a «tweeter tweet» to us.

    Hope his «tweets» will get him off his presidency.


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