26 August 2017

Truth to Power

John Danforth is a bedrock Republican. You don't get much more mainstream GOP than the retired senator.

He wrote a scalding op-ed that appeared in The Washington Post yesterday denouncing Donald Trump in the strongest terms (link here). As I've written here before, when a prominent Republican speaks out against Trump, we should definitely sit up and listen.

Danforth is lamenting how Trump is not a true Republican whilst concurrently worrying about how he's destroying the GOP. I'm not particularly concerned about that party, but what he credits to Republicanism could equally be said about most all Americans -- they want to see the country united, not divided.

Trump, however, gleefully strives to divide America. His hateful nationalism is all about "us versus them." If you're not white or not straight, you're part of "them" and thus don't belong in his "great" America.

Danforth's piece would've been stronger if he focused on how Trump is not only anti-GOP but also anti-USA. He doesn't want to make America great again or stronger or better or kinder or fairer.

Trump wants to make America mean and spiteful and covetous and nasty. He wants to make America just like him.


  1. Anonymous04:22

    Y lo dijo bien fuerte para que lo esuchen.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Last evening came those two bad news from «45» decisions: pardon for Joe Arpaio and the ban of transgender from the US army.

    He is such a coward that he did it under the net during everyone was looking to the hurricane Harvey in Texas.

    Again, he showed how racist "HE" is and that "HE" has no respect for latinos and the US justice system.
    This is a big outrage to those latino Americans that are working hard to build a respectful life in USA.

    For the army trans-ban, again he showed his real colors. Hope that the high level army commanders will stop this ridiculous ban.
    It's like there were two types of real patriots and that the trans who give their lives to protect USA are second class people and worst, they're insignificant and unfit for the job.

    This «45» is a real disgrace to your country and as the Republican party is the one of Abraham Lincoln, this one must be tripping in his grave. Lincoln who fought all his life to free the slaves and make America a FREE country for ALL.
    Many Republicans are coming out to blame this unfit president and hope that it could make "HIM" out of the White House.

    Thank God I live in Canada where it's so nice to live in peace and love for everyone that are living here.


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