21 August 2017

The Unnamed Mole

The Daily Beast published a very intriguing article over the weekend (link here) about the arrest of an unnamed Russian intelligence operative who may have revealed to the CIA about how Vladimir Putin ordered spies and hackers to try and throw the election to Donald Trump.

The piece notes at one point how, if the agent wasn't already in prison awaiting a secret trial, he would have been murdered by Putin's government.

It's sickening to think how people may spend the rest of their lives in prison at hard labor or may even be executed for trying to bring the truth about Putin and Russian hacking to light.

Donald Trump, of course, has zero interest in pursuing the scandal on this end and has done everything to derail it. If the matter was actively investigated and the results published in the United States, it could put pressure on Putin to back off his persecution of this unnamed spy and others.

Of course, Trump will not do that. His selfishness and covetousness won't allow that. He's too busy trying to enrich himself as President to be bothered worrying about people who will suffer brutally because of his callousness.

The linked article is somewhat long but a worthy read. I highly recommend it.

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