15 August 2017

Farm Fresh

The big bloke with the fantastic shoulders seen topping here is Brad Banks. He wrestled and played football in high school, went into the Army, and started doing cam jerkoff shows after he was discharged. That segued into legit modeling, personal training, and gay porn, where he almost always tops.

He's originally from Iowa and reminds me of some of the lads I knew during the part of my growing-up years that I spent in the American Midwest. He says he's mostly straight but embraces his bi side, too. He stands 5'10, weighs 205 pounds, and is in his late twenties.

Brad was previously featured here on the blog in May. Please note that the download photoset for that post is still available,

The originals for the new photos featured today are larger than they appear below and are part of a collection with sixty photos of Brad topping two different lads in two different shoots. To download the complete group in a free zipped folder, please click here.

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