23 August 2017

The Big One Thousand

The Washington Post continues to document all of Donald Trump's major lies since he's become President (link here). He now has the dubious distinction of telling at least one thousand major lies since being sworn into office.

At this pace, he should hit about 6,500 lies by the end of his four-year term, if he manages to last that long.

Most people with half a brain know that Trump lies incessantly. Anyone with even a basic bullshit detector can tell when he's dishing up porkies. Some of them are so obviously lies, like the gibberish about drug dealers throwing bags of narcotics over the border wall.

The problem with such a prolific liar is that he does it so often, people become immune. Many of his lies are outrageous on their own, but the stream comes so fast, we don't have time to be outraged because he lobs another falsehood within hours or sooner.

If you've ever studied confidence men, as I have, you will recognize how Trump has all the classic traits of a con artist. He lies so much and knows he's lying that he can fib with no "tells." In this, he's exactly like classic fraudsters such as Bernie Madoff.

Prolific liars rarely end well. But when and where will it all end and how soon?


  1. Anonymous05:50

    Su vida es una mentira.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. OMFG!
    I listened to «45»'s speech in Arizona last night and I was flabbergasted of ALL he said not to mention the HUGE diarrhea cramps he gave me.

    This man is INSANE and is spreading his venom at large and that with the applauses of those deplorable at that partisan rally.

    WHEN is someone in USA will wake up and put him OUT of office ASAP.

    As a Canadian and surely for 37 USA states, his NAFTA ending words are such out of sense. Last week the n├ęgociations just began and "HE" doesn't really know what "HE" is speaking of.

    Not to mention his «shit» words on senators and congressmen. His statement to shut the government if they don't pay for his «WALL» is so ridiculous. The WALL will not stop illegal immigrants and not more it'll stop drugs to cross the border.
    Don't "HE" knows about «boats» and «planes» ?

    This liar HAS to go.


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