04 August 2017

Indictment Watch

Yesterday brought the shocking news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has convened a second grand jury to investigate Donald Trump, his administration, his campaign, and his business practices. Witnesses will now be called before the grand jury and subpoenas issued.

Mueller is known to be investigating Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn as well as participants in the Trump Tower secret meeting with emissaries from the Russian government and Vladimir Putin, which included Trump's own son and son-in-law.

In a Los Angeles Times article yesterday about the second grand jury (link here), a Cornell University law professor was quoted as saying:

"This suggests the investigation will end with indictments."

Indictments lead to automatic arrest, booking, arraignment, surrender of a passport, and mandatory court appearances. They also many times lead to incarceration until trial unless a substantial bond is posted.

An indictment almost certainly means prosecution will follow, since the prosecutor who seeks the indictment also makes the decision about proceeding to a criminal trial. Usually the only way to prevent trial is for the indicted individual to plead guilty to certain charges in exchange for others being dropped. Pleading guilty almost always means prison time.

If members of Trump's campaign, his staff, and/or his family are indicted, it will seriously constrain his presidency. And that would not be a terrible thing.

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  1. OMG!
    That bubble butt to bite on...MMMM!

    Not much to say for what is going on in Washington's great circus.

    That major «CLOWN» in office has proven how "HE" is a FAKE president and most of all a GREAT ASSHOLE.
    Looking to what he said to president of Mexico and Australian Prime Minister, no need to say more that "HE" is a HUGE MORON, NARCISSIC and self centered man.

    USA deserve a better president with a greater «brain» and culture.


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