11 August 2017

Dirty Nephew

The summer after his freshman year in college when he's interning in Manhattan, Peter stays with his aunt's former husband, whom he still calls "Uncle Manuel," although they were never blood relations. He's always had a massive crush on the hunky older man who stays in incredible shape as a private trainer to Wall Street's top executives.

One night when Peter knows Manuel will be out on a date, he strips naked, slips on his uncle's worn leather jacket, and furiously masturbates with the older man's dirty jockstrap over his mouth and nose. He's horrified when Manuel comes home alone hours early to discover him naked and jacking off on his bed.

His horror turns to relief when his uncle grabs hold of his still rigid cock and slowly jerks it for him. "Looks like I don't have to worry about how to break the ice to get into your pants," the older man says in deep growl as he begins to peel off his own clothes.

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  1. Anonymous10:45

    Love the incest aspect. I sucked off my dad's cock once when he was passed out drunk but never did it again. However I did manage to jack off daily with my grandfather watching me, which went on for several years.


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