05 August 2017

Why We All Lose

I personally do not know any trans people. At least I think I don't, unless I know someone who made the transition before I knew him or her and don't know the history.

Nonetheless, I recognize that when trans people lose their rights, gay, lesbian, and bi people can lose their rights, too. This is a longstanding dispute in the LGBT political community -- should T be part of LGBT?

I think it must be and many other LGBT people are of the same opinion.

Coincidentally, LGBT Nation republished an excellent article this week (link here) with the title "Three ways the LGB community is screwed if transgender rights fail."

The three arguments are laid out in detail. I'll just list them here:

1. LGB people can be banned from bathrooms and locker rooms, too.

2. "Don't ask don't tell" can be brought back to the military or anywhere else in the government and/or private sector.

3. LGB people will lose their last, best chance at job protections.

Read the piece and share it. We're all in this together. When some of us lose, we all lose.

And when we band together and fight back, without excluding anyone, then we are stronger.


  1. Anonymous04:23

    Lamentablemente cierto.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. OMG!
    As a gay Canadian, I cannot understand that your country is still «cha-cha» dancing of those issues.

    HUMAN RIGHTS simply HUMAN RIGHTS are in stake here. Your so call Christian country is always tripping on those issues based on false Bible or Gospel lectures by some religious extremists.

    In that, USA is no better than Islamic countries that are bashing on gay people.

    As for your FAKE healthcare money system, the RIGHT to live freely and fully protected are always challenged by WHOM is in office and the Christian lobby that come with them.

    Talking of «Human Rights», Trumpty Dumpty is going to change Obama's directive on 2012 Haïtian people of the earthquake letting them come to USA to WORK and live freely. For many days now, on Lacolle Québec border, 150 to 200 Haïtian immigrants per DAY are running away from USA. We have to insure them with extreme and urgent shelter in the Olymnpic Stadium in Montreal and take care of those desperate families.
    For now as many as 1 000 people are there waiting for more permanent lodging and will be passing through Canadian immigration system.
    More are coming out of USA every day now.
    Consequences of BAD decisions from your «president» who is showing the world how MEAN he is.

    So, not surprising that ALL what isn't «white-wealthy Christian-Republican-straight» people will suffer of its BAD and SAD politics.

    USA isn't great when you hit on minorities and the poorest of your population. LGBT seems to be part of the same category of US citizens and it was obvious when Trumpty Dumpty made his order to ban Trans from the army. BAD and SAD decision that really shows what hearthless man he is except for himself and his family.

    Hope that YOUR God will help USA people.

  3. Anonymous16:40

    no comments?? how can you not comment...OMG where I can I meet him? yummy and gorgeous


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