11 August 2017


I don't normally read The Sacramento Bee but was referred by a regular reader to an absolutely excellent opinion piece they published yesterday (link here) that is one of the absolutely best critiques I've read of Donald Trump.

It's not long, so instead of taking your time analyzing it here, just follow the link and read it over there.

I'll whet your appetite with an excerpt from the last paragraph: "Shame on the whole sorry lot of [Republicans in Congress]. In tolerating a madman in office, you are permanently diminishing the country, you are scarifying its vital democratic edifice, you are coarsening the culture and playing havoc with the lives of millions of vulnerable people. The history books are never kind to men and women of such craven attitude. You are collaborators in Trump’s vile passion play."

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  1. OMG!
    This roof top «meat» is a real «nuke» bomb...

    Buns to die for.



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