06 August 2017

The Secret Archive

I've mentioned here before about the 1950s anti-LGBT purge in the U.S. government that was led by J. Edgar Hoover, a closeted gay man, with enthusiastic assistance by the self-hating gay Roy Cohn, the latter who was a friend of and mentor to a young Donald Trump.

Last week, a federal court in Washington ordered the Justice Department and the FBI to release their still-secret archive of LGBT-purge files from that era (details here).

This now-pending release is of more than historical curiosity. The less the public knows about LGBT discrimination, the less bothered they will be when the Trump administration or any succeeding one attempts to strip away our rights, as happened again just last week when they argued that discrimination based on sexual orientation is not prohibited by federal law (details here).

The lawyer arguing for release of the documents said this is an important victory since people must "understand what the government did so we could do our best to avoid repeating history...because we’re at a time when the government — this particular administration — is not supportive of the LGBT community and preserving the civil rights that we have obtained."

Hopefully when this archive is released it will be available online for all to see. One can imagine that Attorney General Sessions will drag his feet on this release as much as possible.


  1. Anonymous04:23

    Que la historia no se repita. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. J.Edgar Hoover was such a hypocrite not surprising that Trumpty Dumpty was
    mentored by one of its disciple.

    Looking to the LGBT USA history and the «cha-cha» dance of your LGBT Rights, not surprising that it's always at stake when comes in office such bigots as Republicans who are driven by Christian extremists lobby.

    You'll NEVER gain FULL and permanent LIBERTY as long as RELIGION is in charge in your politics and government.

    You have to get RELIGION OUT of the government to achieve any permanent LIBERTY.
    If not, you're no better than the Muslim countries where being GAY is a sin and will lead to DEATH and HATE.

    Thank MY GOD, I live in Canada.


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