07 August 2017


Two veteran foreign policy experts published a detailed article in Politico recently (link here) where they spell out how Trump is not only failing to fulfill his grandiose campaign promises, he's also making incredibly bad deals internationally for the United States.

"Half a year into the Trump era, there’s little evidence of Donald Trump, master negotiator," they write. "Quite the opposite, in fact: In several very important areas and with some very important partners, Trump seems to be getting the short end of the proverbial stick. The president who was going to put America first and outmaneuver allies and adversaries alike seems to be getting outsmarted by both at every turn, while the United States gets nothing."

Nowhere is this more evident than with Russia. Trump has completely caved and repeatedly. "Trump has become Putin’s poodle," the article concludes.

Vladimir Putin is an international intrigue grandmaster. Trump is a rank amateur. His Secretary of State has no diplomacy experience. Trump thinks a whole lot of bullshit would make Putin fold. The opposite resulted. Trump was chumped.

The article continues by noting how Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea, and Israel have successful played Trump. They won repeatedly. Trump lost every time and so did America.

Hopefully whoever succeeds Trump, Republican or Democrat, will be able to repair some of this damage.

This is a deeply troubling article but absolutely necessary reading. Please read the piece if you care at all about the United States, its security, and its future.


  1. Anonymous06:20

    La decepcion es cada vez mas profunda,Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. It's no surprise here when we witness ALL is amateur and unexperienced actions internationally.

    With his lack of knowledge of foreign affairs, his way to «spit» on his own allies, "HE" is making his friends turning their backs on USA.

    One example is his backing off the Paris Accord which is letting ALL the place to China, India and other countries to take the lead in Global Warming issue.

    Another example from my Canadian point of view is his bad decision to renegociate the NAFTA and making free trade between our countries at risk. Many (37)USA states of our common border are doing good business for decades now and his short view is jeopardising those very important commercial exchanges.
    Canada is the most important trade country of USA and with this new «deal», we are turning back on other countries to buy and sell some of our goods like lumber wood.
    In this lumber wood affair making him over taxing our exportations to USA, it'll cost USA people more money to build their houses. This is only ONE example that his trade policies are badly affecting your economy.

    With this moron, ALL what has «Obama's» name on it is doomed.
    The Cuba affair is another example where many business men in USA were happy to be able to do some affairs there. Now "HE" is shutting this door.

    Canadians are doing some business with Cuba for decades and it's a good thing for us and them. Many Canadians are going in Cuba for their winter vacation and even in summer time.
    Florida is no more the greatest south destination for us.

    USA is more and more isolating itself with "HIS" short views in many international affairs.
    "HE" is «Making America SMALLER» on the planet chest mate.


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