29 August 2017


On Friday, the White House finally issued guidelines for the military trans ban that Donald Trump had first announced via Twitter weeks earlier.

And yesterday, on the next business day after this release, two major federal lawsuits were filed (details here) challenging the proposed order, which includes a selective ban on trans military now actively serving and a total ban on any new trans enlistments. One suit was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the other by Lambda Legal; both were filed on behalf of multiple actively serving trans military personnel.

This is not a surprise, considering the incredibly moronic way that Trump rolled out this ban. By announcing it unofficially weeks earlier, he unintentionally gave opponents a head start to plan legal challenges, which they could file as soon as the order became official, which happened last Friday.

LGB must stand with T in support on this issue. I previously wrote a post here about why. If the trans ban were allowed to stand, the military could follow that with a return to "don't ask, don't tell" or even worse.

Once rights are chipped away for one group, chipping them away for other groups becomes easier.


  1. No surprises here and hope that ALL L G B & T will continue to resist and unify against this cowardly directive from «45» who didn't even had the courage to enlist in the army in the past.

    COWARD and HYPOCRITE is his way to act as «president». Hiding behind his moron base, the military and his family.

    I've posted two comments yesterday that showed you how here, in Canada, we RESPECT those LGBT people who want to SERVE our country by enlisting in the arm forces.

    «45A» is judging the LGBT's capacities without having taken the time to consult his commanders and most of all without really knowing WHO are those people and what they are contributing to serve their country.

  2. Anonymous04:19

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