13 August 2017

Focus on the Real Threats

Today's New York Times has an interesting opinion piece (link here) with the title "Trump Isn’t a Threat to Our Democracy. Hysteria Is."

I have friends who were convinced in 2008 that George W. Bush would declare himself President for life a few days before the end of his second term. I was sure that would never happen and I was right.

I'm already hearing friends (some of the same ones) already making the same claim about Donald Trump and the 2020 election. My reaction this time is the same as last time.

Trump is a disaster as President, one of the worst ever, if not the worst. He's weak, unfocused, confused, and a short-term threat. He is, in a phrase, a fuck-up of epic proportions.

Someone that incompetent doesn't have the skill set to pull off a complex coup making himself President for life. Trump already has significant resistance in his own party and is doing the opposite of building a power base.

As several pundits have already theorized in print, Trump is a lame-duck President six months into his first (and hopefully only) term.

That's not to say Trump doesn't pose a threat on multiple fronts, but those dangers won't bring down the democratic republic. He needs to be made as weak as possible, and the same for Pence and the GOP.

Impeachment and removal of Trump would be lovely, but they're not mandatory. Republicans have already wasted incredible political capital that will hurt them in the 2018 House of Representatives election and the 2020 national election.

We need to organize, mobilize, and document everything they're doing. But we also need to stop ourselves from panicking.


  1. Anonymous04:16

    Hay que recuperar lo perdido y pronto.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. I look forward to your political observations each and every day. Thank you!

  3. With all the sad events of Charlottesville, the MORON and COWARD reaction of Trumpty Dumpty let NO doubt about his way of thinking and his way of blindfuly see his KKK, Neo Nazi base that elected him.

    NO, M. MORON, it wasn't violence on ALL sides, it was attack from the White Suprematists that are making your America MEAN again as in the Civil War.

    Abraham Lincoln must be turning in his grave with such anti human way of thinking.

    WE ARE ALL EQUAL in front of GOD, YOUR GOD that you supposetively adore as many of those so Christian Americans who are still against any other that aren't white, Christian, straight, wealthy.

    Nothing good is on the horizon IF "HE" maintain his saying like he did.
    Even the White House had to make a new statement to correct that «unfit president's» words.

  4. Anonymous13:11

    I'm slowly coming around to your POV (slowly!) Mostly because it's killing me a little every day to live in this constant state of hate and fear.


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