25 August 2017

The Rally

Donald Trump's surreal public meltdown on Tuesday night in Phoenix was both fascinating and horrifying to watch.

The event was fascinating because Trump peeled back the veneer and displayed the seriously mentally ill man lurking within. And for that same reason, the evening was terrifying because it revealed that a deeply disturbed man is the President of the United States.

After seven-plus months in office, Trump has fully exposed his incompetence and his fecklessness. Unlike some of his predecessors who were mediocre men nonetheless elevated by the presidency, Trump will never change.

He is and will remain a hopeless mess. His eggshell ego is so fragile that he requires constant adoration and reinforcement.

When he realized most of America concluded he's a fraud and in way over his head, he sought out the only audience who still believes the emperor is wearing gorgeous new clothes -- the poor fools who are still duped into thinking he's succeeding brilliantly.

We are now trapped in a swirling vortex and searching for an endgame. Whilst too few Republicans will publicly admit as much, one has to imagine -- or at least hope -- that most GOP members of Congress were horrified by what they saw on display in Arizona.

This is a man who has not risen to the Presidency. This is a man who is becoming unglued by the Presidency.

Is it the pressure of the Mueller investigation? Is Trump terrified his history of money laundering for foreign mobsters will be exposed? Possibly. Or perhaps it's just the pressure of trying to hide the fraud that he is for too long.

Washington seems to be beginning some sort of slow motion movement toward early termination of the Trump regime. Now that the President is attacking his own party, he seems determined to hasten his demise.

Many fine writers have done excellent work this week analyzing what the hell happened in Phoenix the other night. I think the best piece was by Amy Davidson Sorkin at The New Yorker (link here).

Sorkin succinctly and sharply summarizes what was we witnessed. Read it and share.

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  1. This week, after «45» ridiculous Phoenix speech, I was curious to go and see what «Fucks News» was saying about it.

    YES, I did have that courage to put «Fucks News» on and listen to them.
    I watched the «FIVE» and «Hannity» (whom I call «INSAN-ITY» and heard them take that speech as a «reality show» in front of his crowd. They were laughing to CNN reportes whom they said were to much talking of «45» mental illness. Those «FIVE» were just not making the speech as serious as it looks like. They didn't say that it was a «PRESIDENT» that made it but were saying that «45» was just joking and having FUN in front of HIS crowd of supporters.

    For «HANNITY» he was still confronting on the subject of those confederate statues and didn't give chance to his guest, a black history teacher, to really make his point. Hannity was so agressive and was always cutting his guest off speaking that it was obvious that he didn't want to really debate on the subject.

    Must admit that from my Canadian pont of view, CNN isn't much better but at least they seems to be more «objective» in their way of analysing those situations.
    But, their constant putting again and again those images of the «KKK riot» and «NAZIS torch walkers» was almost like a brain washing stuff.

    So, I'm going back and forth for making myself some ideas of what is going on in USA.

    The most obvious to me is that with this «45» in the Ovale office USA is going to experience BAD times and USA isn't going to be GREAT AGAIN if he remain there.

    You need a big revolution to regain some stability and more sane politics.

    Just seeing your ENORMOUS debt and «45» who wants to make taxe cuts seems so ridiculous and "HE" is pushing USA in a deeper hole financially.
    "HE" doesn't care because "HE's" rich and old and that it'll be your kids that will have to pay for his mess.


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