22 August 2017

Pure Idiocy

Donald Trump brags about being the best ever President for LGBT Americans. Yet another one of his recent nominees proves that's nothing but a bold-faced lie.

Trump has nominated Sam Clovis to be chief scientist for the Department of Agriculture. In recent days, recordings and writings Clovis made over the last few years reveal him both to be rampant homophobe and an idiot (link here).

He has repeatedly argued, for instance, that being LGBT is a choice and that legalizing same-sex marriage could lead to legalization of pedophilia.

Not only does Clovis have utterly idiotic beliefs, he has zero academic qualifications or professional experience for the job Trump wants him to fill. He has a bachelors in political science, a masters of business administration, and a doctorate in public administration, a type of management degree.

His primary professional experience is as a conservative talk-radio host, which has nothing to do with science. He was national co-chair of Trump's presidential campaign, which reveals the real reason Trump nominated him: a political plum to reward him.

Clovis's utter lack of qualification for this job is part of a pattern seen in other Trump nominees, who have also been completely unqualified for the slots they filled. Trump isn't interested in running government efficiently -- he's interested in pillaging it and then breaking it.

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