31 July 2009

Hot Muscle

These look like amateur shots, as revealed by the less than professional lighting and shadows on the wall. Does anyone recognize him? Were these self-made shots submitted to some porn site as an audition? Or did he put them on an adult dating site? Is he lonely and needs my telephone number?

30 July 2009

Washed Ashore

If hot blokes are washing up like this on shore, I absolutely need to volunteer for a beach cleanup day immediately. In fact, I should clear my calendar for the next month so I can be there diligently every day working hard to pick up flotsam like this at the beach. Interestingly, these are two different men on different continents by different photographers, so there is much beach cleaning to do.

That would make for a hot erotic story. A hunky outcast walks along the beach one day, where he finds an unconscious, naked stud lying at the edge of the water. He takes the guy to his rustic seaside cottage and nurses him back to consciousness, only to discover the victim has amnesia. Complications ensue. Yes, I know amnesia is an old chestnut, but this is an erotic fantasy so I'm allowed some leeway.

29 July 2009

Red State Beef

I need the bloke on the right's phone number and fast.

28 July 2009


I love the inherent dichotomy in images like these. The guys are too shy to show their faces on the Internet, but they're exhibitionist enough to show their naked bodies and cocks. In public they're well behaved and conventional. Behind closed doors, I imagine, is a whole different story.

Why did they take these photos? To lure a girl? A guy? Or just because.

27 July 2009

Tough Guy

This's bloke's name is Maksim, and he was photographed by the talented Russian photographer Andrei. I don't know anything else about the model. I like his tough guy look, though. I'd be interested in seeing if I could make him smile. I'd tickle him to see if he'd laugh. Maybe he'd put me in a headlock to punish me. These are nice big images so be sure to click them to see full-sized.

26 July 2009

Sunday in the Park With Charlie

A woman uploaded these pictures of her boyfriend Charlie to her Flickr account. I'm so glad she did, and I'll be watching for more.

25 July 2009

Prince of Persia

I've heard that this guy was a straight Iranian named Behrooz. The pictures are pre-digital prints that have been scanned and seem to date from the late 1980s or early 1990s based on some clues in the images. I'd love to know how this bloke ended up in a motel room getting himself photographed naked. Was he some sort of hustler? Aspiring porn star?

24 July 2009

Qui a Coupé le Fromage?

My kinky side is peeping through again. For reasons I've never explored, I find this erotic. Maybe I need to explore this more. Unfortunately, the special man in my life would probably end up laughing himself silly if I put one of these on him. He's playful but very grounded at the same time.

23 July 2009


I've noticed the increasing popularity of almost shots amongst mainstream photographers and models. I call these almost images because you almost see the whole cock. You see pubes, some of the shaft, and a glimpse of the testicles.

Photographs like this are at once teasing and coy. On websites featuring model portfolios, the men make statements like "I won't do porn," but then they're letting us sneak a peek at their junk. Maybe they're really trying to say "I won't do porn, but you could talk me out of my clothes rather easily."

I found these examples on the visually stimulating Welcome to the Fuck Shot blog.

22 July 2009

Military Might

Real military men in candid poses. Usually I limit my posts to five images, but I just couldn't help myself today. I hope all these blokes stay safe.

Which one(s) would you like to invite over for some R&R?

21 July 2009

O Brother, There Art Thou

I've featured scorching-hot model Brandon here before. The hot bloke below is his non-model older brother Garrett. Like his younger brother, he's 6'2" and, unfortunately, straight. Both brothers could be Nordic gods. Obviously, this family is blessed with the right genes.

20 July 2009

Nude Gymnast

This is Antonio in a little promo for his webcam site. The production values are somewhat lacking, but his body more than makes up the difference.

19 July 2009


Two artistic images by the Russian photographer Andrei. The bigger bloke doing the barbering is named Ivan. I love how he's gentle with a firm hand, like he decided the other fellow needed a haircut and, well, there would just be no question about it.