31 March 2012

Jerk Along With Gianluigi

This got me all hot and bothered but in a very nice way. Gianluigi can eat crackers in our bed any day of the week. He can eat other things there, too.

30 March 2012

The Dutiful Captive

This picture turned me on more than any image I've seen in quite a while. Most people would probably be terrified in his predicament, but he couldn't be happier.

I have the idea in my head his keeper left him alone for several hours like that, and he remained hard throughout, anticipating what might soon happen. When his keeper finally returned home, his captive would find release, but only after a long while and by working very dutifully for it to the point of exhaustion.

29 March 2012

Erotically Charged

These photographs are both artistic and erotic. They're quite well done. What might be surprising, given their content, is the fact that the photographer is a woman. Click each one to see the image full size.

28 March 2012

The John and the Escort

This was one of the first videos I posted on this blog. The original poster deleted it from the Xvideos site not long afterwards, much to the disappointment of some readers. I found another copy posted on Xvideos so I thought an encore was in order.

27 March 2012

Amateurs Redux

I had collected so many images I liked for my recent amateur post that I ended up with more than one post's worth. So here are a few more hot amateurs I've collected in my wanderings in cyberworld.

26 March 2012

Of Dogs and Men

There's something very endearing about a man who's not afraid to look vulnerable by his kindness towards an animal.

25 March 2012

Happy Ending

I've never had a professional massage from someone I don't know. I've avoid it out of concern I'd be hard throughout the whole procedure, which would make me hugely embarrassed.

My boyfriend often gives me a massage, and of course I'm rock-hard through the whole thing, but I'm not the least bit embarrassed at that. And I always get the "happy ending" finish, even without asking.

24 March 2012

Wrasslin' Time

I like this kind of wrestling much better than that WWE stuff. The music could go, however. I'm much rather hear them grunting.

23 March 2012

Big Ben

I have only seen him do one solo JO video. I wonder why he has not done any other scenes. He's quite open about working as a rent boy and describes himself as a top and bisexual, so it's not like he's trying to hide anything. Hopefully some porn producer will soon make him an offer he can't refuse.

22 March 2012

Leaky Valve

A boner tells you a man is ready, but dripping precum tells you so much more. When his love ooze starts to flow, take hold of his rigid cock by wrapping your fingers around it and gently rub your thumb on the wet glans, round and round. That should drive him wild. It's even more fun if he's bound and entirely at your mercy. Then you can really make him work and wait before he cums.

21 March 2012

Monster Spitroast

They got that slutty little bottom all giddy with champagne and then look what happened. I wonder how many days it was before he could sit down again?

20 March 2012

Ursine and Urban

I'm guessing this bloke is in his fifties or possibly even his early sixties. He's fit but not ripped. He appears to be somewhere in Southern California -- maybe on Santa Monica Boulevard -- or possibly Florida.

There probably are fitter, younger men nearby, also with their shirts off and getting more looks from the passersby, but this bloke doesn't give a shit. Unlike them, he doesn't need your approval. He succeeds without trying.

19 March 2012

Devilish Angel

This lad is billed as "Angel Diablo" at one of the porn sites, which undoubtedly is not his real name. He looks like he might be Hispanic or perhaps Italian. I've only seen him do one solo porn shoot so that leaves his orientation open to speculation.

His cute bunghole does not look virgin-tight to me. I'd have to check it personally to be certain. The bunghole tester between my legs got somewhat stiff as I was thinking about doing that -- would I use my finger first or just plunge right in with my tester?

18 March 2012

Lovers No More

These two lads once were a couple but no more. That's a shame for their fans, given their on-screen performances were almost always memorable.

17 March 2012

Married With Children

The top in this scene, Robert Van Damme, can be seen here lovingly and expertly sucking Marco Paris's uncut cock. He then rims Marco before fucking him, sucks his cock once more, and enjoys a mouthful of thick cum.

Robert is also married with several children, and his wife is very involved in his porn production business. I wonder if she ever gets jealous.

16 March 2012

Perfect Cock

The rest of him isn't bad, either.

15 March 2012

Amateur Studs

It's been a while since I posted some amateur shots, so here's a batch for your enjoyment.

14 March 2012

Out in the Open

I'm usually indifferent to tea room porn but this one is an exception. Yes, the top is very hot. Yes, the bottom is very noisy, but you can mute the video and play your own favorite sex music instead.

13 March 2012

Gentle Ben

I know some of you will be freaked by Ben's fur, but equally others will find that a real turn on. When you have that much, you really can't shave or wax because it's just a nightmare to do so.