30 June 2019

Tax Talk

I have not yet decided who I will vote for in the Democratic primary, a vote that will be more than eight months from now for me. I like several of the major candidates.

One of them is Liz Warren, who recently put forward a tax proposal that should be of interest to every LGBT American. She currently is sponsoring the Refund Equality Act which would let same-sex couples file amended tax returns to collect refunds from when they were married before the federal government recognized such unions.

So let's say you were married in Massachusetts in 2006 but the federal government did not recognize same-sex marriages and their tax advantages until 2013. Under Warren's proposal, such a couple could file for refunds for tax years 2006 through 2013.

This would return as much as $57 millions to American same-sex couples.

So this alone did not commit me to voting to Warren but I like her inclusive thinking. She and most of the Democrats running would be far better Presidents than the corrupt clown now squatting in the Oval Office. The differences are like night and day.

Frat Party

I know these scenes are fake and they're shot with lesser-known porn performers. Still, they seem pretty real, and that makes them hot.

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29 June 2019

The National Embarassment

At the G20 summit this week, rather than stand up to Vladimir Putin about ongoing Russian interference in America's election, Donald Trump made light of it with him in front of reporters (details here).

Remember Trump promised to be much stronger than any previous President when dealing with foreign adversaries? By no stretch of the imagination would Trump's groveling this week be classified as strong. It made Neville Chamberlain in Munich look strong in comparison.

And then Trump went from bad to worse. While sitting alongside the man who has ordered the murder of dozens of journalists in his country, Trump joked about silencing reporters and getting "rid of them."

Does Trump think this makes him "look strong" while flitting all around a disgusting dictator like this? If Republicans had any balls, they'd call him on this. But of course they won't.

Salacious Saturday

The week is over, so time to share another big dump of new porn. This week's collection features about fifteen hundred photographs from forty different photo shoots, all released within the past week. To download the complete set, click here.

28 June 2019


Yesterday, the Supreme Court announced their final cases for the term, and that included one case where they blocked Donald Trump's administration from putting a controversial citizenship case on the 2020 census form (details here).

The question was controversial because inclusion on the form would work to the benefit of Republicans at the expense of Democrats. So it was clearly a politically motivated attempt.

The Supreme Court smacked down the Trump administration because, essentially, they ruled without specifically saying it that Trump's Commerce Secretary had lied about the reason why they wanted the question on the census form.

The high court did not invalidate the citizenship question per se, but finding a valid reason ex post facto will be difficult with the matter now going back to the trial court for further consideration. Given that census forms must be printed in the next few months and mailed by April 1, the Trump administration is likely out of time or soon will be.

In reaction to the Supreme Court ruling, Trump called it "ridiculous" and said he was asking his lawyers about how they can delay the census (details here). When you're losing the game, you then try to move the goalposts.

His request for a delay demonstrates Trump's profound ignorance of the Constitution. The census is required every ten years, and the last one was in 2010, so that means the next one is required in 2020. And federal law also requires the questions be sent by April 1.

So, no, neither federal law nor the Constitution allows for a delay chucklehead. Maybe if your administration had not lied about why the question was necessary, you wouldn't be in this fix.

Perfect Pup

On his eighteenth birthday, a young lad is deflowered by his hunky stepdad. Now did stepdad marry the lad's mom because he was hot for her or hot to pop her son's cherry?

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27 June 2019


Duncan Hunter is arguably the biggest sleaze currently serving in Congress and may go down in history as one of the scummiest members of Congress ever.

Hunter was indicted last year before the election on 60 criminal counts for embezzling more than a quarter million in campaign funds for personal expenses, including vacations, groceries, cigarettes, and the cost of flying his children's pet rabbit on a chartered flight. Voters in his Republican-heavy district nonetheless returned him to office.

And in court filings this week, prosecutors alleged that Hunter used the embezzled money to pay for expenses of five different women with whom he was having affairs, which include two congressional staffers and three lobbyists (details here).

For his part, Hunter has blamed his wife, Democrats, and the "deep state" for conspiring to bring down an honest man. That same wife will be testifying against him at his forthcoming trial.

Oh, and this is important: Hunter was the second sitting member of Congress to endorse Trump way back when in 2016 when Trump was still poison for most Republicans. Trump returned the favor by endorsing Duncan and allowing his campaign to use Trump's image and comments in their promotional literature. This was in 2016 and again in 2018, after the indictment.

And after Hunter was indicted, Trump also complained about the Justice Department prosecuting him.

Trump and Hunter -- sleazy peas in a fetid pod.

Yikes Mike

This big stud making his porn debut is called Mike, at least for the length of this shoot. What a hot handful. He may have served in the military but he's not active duty now, as that big sleeve tattoo reveals. I hope he returns for some topping or bottoming or both.

I also like how he has a precum stain on his shorts, which can be seen in some of the shots below. That lad was definitely horned up about the idea of stripping naked and beating his meat for all to see.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and are part of a collection with more than five hundred images from eight different solo shoots released within the past week. To download the complete group in a free zipped folder, click here.

26 June 2019

It's Happening

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to testify in open sessions before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees on July 17 (details here). It's unclear at this point whether there will be two separate hearings or a joint hearing before both committees concurrently.

Either way, this will almost certainly be a game-changer for the Trump presidency and either bring impeachment to the table or out of the picture.

Mueller no longer works at the Special Prosecutor so it will be interesting to see if the White House tries to block his testimony, claiming "executive privilege." Given that Mueller never met with nor counseled the President, one would be hard pressed to see how executive privilege would be involved here, but Trump might try that as a delaying tactic, forcing the matter through time-consuming litigation.

Nevertheless, this is a positive development, even if Trump tries to block it, because such an action would only brighten the spotlight on presidential obstruction of justice and further turn the public against the Trump presidency.

Well Seeded

The big bruiser top in this scene goes by William Seed in porn. He's been featured here on the blog three times before. (While some of the display photos are no longer loading, please note that all three photo download sets are all still working.)

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25 June 2019

False Pride

LGBT Nation published a disturbing article over the weekend (link here) about how some large pride-celebrating companies in America are also quietly giving political contributions to anti-LGBT candidates.

And they're not unknown companies, either. The biggest culprit is AT&T with more than $2.75 million in donations to 193 homophobe politicians. In second place comes UPS, with more than $2.35 million in giving to 159 hate-peddlers.

Others in this hall of shame include Comcast, Home Depot, General Electric, FedEx, UBS, Verizon, and Pfizer, giving a total of nearly $10 million to dozens upon dozens of hatemongering candidates.

Unlike some elected officials, businesses often respond to consumer pressure to mend their ways out of fear of losing revenue. So if you're already doing business with or are contemplating doing business with any of the companies listed above, let them know their corporate policy may be a deal-killer unless they agree to change their donation policies.

And if you own stock in any of these companies, as a shareholder you can apply pressure by contacting board members and also by sponsoring a shareholder resolution to prohibit the company from giving any donations to anti-LGBT candidates.

Birthday Gangbang

Nick is depressed over having to spend his birthday on a business trip in a foreign city. When he emerges from the shower and finds four big muscular masked men in his hotel room, he first thinks he's about to be kidnapped.

"What-- what do you want?" he asks in a shaky voice.

"We've been sent by a secret admirer to give you a birthday gangbang," answers the biggest of the quartet as he pulls open his jeans to reveal a hardening uncut cock. Eager to participate, Nick's towel falls away, revealing his own hardening tool, as he kneels to begin enjoying his birthday surprise.

The originals for these photos are huge and are part of a collection with about eight hundred images from ten hardcore shoots released in the last ten days. To download the complete group in a free zipped folder, click here.

24 June 2019

Massive Leak

Last night, Axios published more than one hundred vetting documents (link here) from Donald Trump's transition team, created after he was elected but before he was sworn into office.

A quick skim of the voluminous material shows an enormous number of serious red flags for people who were nonetheless nominated and confirmed into office. Per Axios: "The massive trove, and the story behind it, sheds light on the slap-dash way ... Trump filled his cabinet and administration, and foreshadowed future scandals that beset his government."

The documents were all given to Trump himself, with the red flags highlighted at the beginning. Given his famous laziness about not reading necessary material, one has to wonder if he did anything more than glance at them.

Given Trump's notorious habit of ignoring advice and elevating his own instincts, he may well have thought the red flags didn't matter. If he picked someone then that was all that mattered, red flags and warnings be damned.

That may be well and good when you're running a bankruptcy-prone minor real estate development company, but it certainly isn't acceptable when running the American government. But then again, ineptitude is Trump's trademark style, and anyone who believed he was some kind of management genius was sadly duped by a conman.


The top here goes by Jax in the porn world. When he first appeared on the scene about two years ago, he was more boyish than manly. Lately, however, he has blossomed into a total stud.

He's now 27, and like many men in their twenties, he's going through that period when he's shedding his youthfulness and blossoming into manliness. He's also buffed up a bit, building his 6'3 frame to 205 pounds, and grew a scruffy beard.

The originals for these photos are huge and are part of a collection with more than five hundred images from ten hardcore shoots that were released in the last ten days, many of which are very high resolution. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, click here.

23 June 2019

The Boy Who Cried Airstrike

On Friday, Donald Trump openly contradicted himself about planned airstrikes on Iran in retaliation for an alleged Iranian attack on an unmanned drone earlier in the week (details here). He claimed one thing on Twitter in the morning and something else entirely in an NBC interview later in the day.

Even Fox News, which is normally so slavishly adoring of Trump, said his stories didn't wash (details here). That's an understatement.

This is what you get with a President who is such a habitual liar. Rational, logical people just can't trust him. Who knows if he really called off airstrikes in progress? Was the whole thing fabricated. Was he actually telling the truth?

In the classic children's story, a mischievous boy regularly told villagers that a wolf was attacking their sheep to the point where they just ignored him. And then a real wolf struck.

That's the dangerous situation in which Trump has put this nation. He has lied so many times, that when he may be telling the truth, and our nation's safety is actually at risk, few will believe him. He is a danger to America.

The Well Trained Poolboy

The poolboy is so well trained here, as soon as his keeper sits down, he stops cleaning and goes into service mode. I wonder if that poolboy does windows, too?

This scene is a new release and its sharing may not have been authorized. Therefore, if you want to watch this later, download a free copy to save because the link below may not be live for long.

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22 June 2019

Accused ... Again

Yesterday, New York magazine published an excerpt from a forthcoming memoir by columnist Jean Carroll where she accuses Donald Trump of having raped her in the 1990s (link here). To date, she is the best known accuser to have leveled charges against Trump.

This is not the first time allegations of this kind have been made against Trump. At least twenty women have come forward to date accusing him of sexual assault of various degrees (details here).

Trump lashed back at one of those women and she turned around and sued him for defamation. That case is due to go to trial soon.

As the Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, and other "me too" accusations have shown, at some point, when you have multitudes of women coming forward about a single individual, all independently making accusations that were first lodged decades ago, the evidence becomes overwhelming. There's too much smoke for their not to be fire.

Carroll says she never went to the police at the time but did tell several friends shortly after the alleged rape. Those friends have verified what she said.

Given the sheer number of accusations against Trump, and given his open hostility toward women, plus his admittance of enjoying sexual assault with his "grab them by the pussy" comments that were recorded, I believe the women, not him.

Such allegations brought down Cosby, Weinstein, and more. Yet Trump remains somehow untouched. What is wrong with that picture?

Saturday Sexfest

The weekend is here, so time for another mass dump of fresh porn from the interwebs. Presented for your enjoyment today is a large collection with about eighteen hundred images from fifty hardcore shoots released just in the past week. You can see a random selection below. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, click here.

21 June 2019

Deliberate Cruelty

This past weekend, the New York Times published a deeply disturbing article (links here and here) about how Donald Trump's administration is separating babies from their parents when the latter arrive in the United States seeking asylum because of persecution.

This deliberately cruel policy has one obvious goal in mind: to discourage everyone from seeking legal asylum in the United States.

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free," it says on the Statue of Liberty. But no more. Look for asylum elsewhere. The United States under Trump no longer cares if you're persecuted.

Now if you want to come here and buy a condo in any of the Trump or Kushner properties, however, you're absolutely welcome and the administration will expedite your visa application (details here).

Raw Muscle Flip-Flop

This scene has everything going for it -- big muscular lads with oversize cocks who flip fuck by switching roles several times in the course of their encounter. The chemistry really works for these two lads who clearly love to fuck, regardless of whether they're making bucks doing so.

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20 June 2019


Last week I wrote about how Hope Hicks, Donald Trump's former senior aide, had agreed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday. That sounded like a positive development.

The reality turned out to be far different (details here). When she appeared to testify yesterday, a White House attorney and a Department of Justice attorney appeared at her side during the hearing and prevented her from answering any questions about her work for the President after his inauguration, claiming "executive privilege" over everything, including questions as innocuous as where her desk was located in the West Wing.

"Her refusal to answer questions is based on this very bogus immunity, sort of newly invented, very broad immunity, that you can never be asked anything about anything you ever did while you worked for the president, which is an absurdity," said David Cicilline to reporters. "This will ultimately be decided by a court."

Trump almost certainly has been told that legal precedent is strongly against him on these points. But he's trying to run out the clock. He probably knows he can't forever stop the testimony, but he's trying to drag it out as long as possible, perhaps hoping public interest will died down.

This kind of stonewalling, however, may help push more members of Congress off the fence and onto the impeachment bandwagon. The Democratic leadership is resisting that for now, but if the number of supporters continues to rise to a certain level, they will almost certainly reconsider their position.

Tasty Temptation

Kent here is one hot number. He has what always captures my attention: a killer body, a big cock, a nice pelt of body fur, and a shy smile. He's new to porn and has only done this solo scene plus one straight scene where he banged some chick. Hopefully he'll be back in a man-on-man video soon.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and are part of a collection with about two hundred fifty images from six different solo shoots released in just the last three days. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, click here.