31 March 2018

FBI Greeting Committee

Yesterday, The Guardian broke the story (link here) that Ted Malloch, a controversial academic with a checkered past who has served as an advisor to Donald Trump, was detained by FBI agents at the Boston airport and questioned while also served with a subpoena to testify before a grand jury to Special Counsel Robert Mueller who is conducting the criminal investigation into the President and his associates.

Malloch revealed later that the FBI questioned him extensively about Roger Stone, Trump's close friend and long-time advisor, and possible visits to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to meet Wikileaks leader Julian Assange, widely known to be a conduit for Kremlin leaks of stolen emails.

For its part, yesterday NBC did further reporting on The Guardian scoop and fleshed out more details (link here).

For quite some time, a number of prominent Washington insiders have openly discussed the possibility that Stone served as a "cutout" in a chain of back-channel contacts between Trump's campaign and Vladimir Putin and other Kremlin officials.

This news thus suggests that Mueller is attempting to make the case that the Trump campaign colluded and coordinated with Russia on various hacks of tens of thousands of emails from both the Democratic National Committee and also Hillary Clinton's campaign.

If such a connection is proven, that would establish that a number of felonies were committed by individuals in the Trump campaign and possibly Trump himself.

At this point, this news only provides a tantalizing clue of something potentially explosive, the proverbial smoking gun. Hopefully more will be leaked about this development soon.

Beast Fest

After posting still images of Jaxton earlier this week, I was in the mood for some porn with him topping (he also bottoms, too, bless him). First up is unshaved Jaxton going all alpha dog on a cock-crazed twink. Next comes a shaved, skinnydipping Jaxton confronting a rude, horny twink. The film fest concludes with Jaxton sharing an eager twink with another big buddy.

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30 March 2018


Donald Trump is the first American President in history to own ongoing businesses which generate considerable income while he is in office.

Many Americans have objected to the fact that, for instance, when Trump travels to one of his golf courses, taxpayers must foot the bill (which earn profits for him) for rentals and accommodations for Secret Service and other staff.

A more troubling profit is earned by the President from his hotel in Washington which does considerable business catering to foreign governments that spend there lavishly in hopes of currying favor from the administration.

Many legal experts contend that Trump's continuing ownership and profit from businesses like the hotel violate the Constitution's prohibition on presidential emoluments. That provision prohibits money and gifts passing to a President from both foreign and domestic governments.

Accordingly, Trump has been sued in several federal courts by a variety of parties, some who are individuals, some that are businesses, and some state and local governments. One suit was thrown out on technical grounds but is currently being appealed.

This week, another one of those suits took an important step forward when a judge tossed out the President's arguments that the case should be dismissed (details here). The case will now move on to the next step of defining what exactly constitutes an emolument and whether Trump has violated the prohibition against them.

Trump promised repeatedly to step away from his businesses totally (details here) and, not surprisingly, he has repeatedly broken that promise. He continues to be briefed on and directs his private business operations and has regularly used the Oval Office to pursue new business opportunities, including foreign developmemts, which he had promised to end -- another promise which he broke.

If one or both houses of Congress fall out of Republican control in this year's election, we can expect this is an issue that will gain much wider attention with the possibility of Congressional hearings on how Trump may be violating the law by continuing to profit from and direct his various businesses. It's an issue that Congress should already be addressing, but sadly, the Republicans now in control are doing absolutely nothing.


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29 March 2018

Important Note ~ Image Host Is Down

Please note that the image host I usually use is down for the time being. I have no idea when it will be back up again.

Hence, display photos posted for earlier entries are not showing right now.

However, all download sets are still active.

The Overture

The New York Times broke the story yesterday (link here) that Donald Trump's lawyer approached defense attorneys for two individuals in the President's campaign and/or administration who were under indictment to discuss possible pardons. Under the Constitution, a President has fairly broad powers to pardon individuals convicted of federal crimes, but proffering a pardon in exchange for something else could be a criminal act.

The record is not clear about whether Trump knew about this specific overture, but it is known that he has discussed pardons many times with staff and also in public.

The million-dollar question here is why was this done? Was it done out of compassion? Or was it done in an attempt to thwart the criminal investigation lead by Robert Mueller into the President and his associates?

Legal experts quoted in the article differ as to whether Trump's lawyer and possibly the President himself could face prosecution for obstruction of justice if there was evidence the pardon offer was made to shield criminality by others. Nonetheless, some say yes.

One of the indicted individuals, Michael Flynn, who was a campaign official and Trump's first National Security Advisor, later plead guilty and has been cooperating with Mueller's investigators. The other indicted individual is Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign chair, who has been charged with conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money, failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts, being an unregistered agent of a foreign principal, and false and misleading statements to federal officials.

Whether or not Manafort accepted a pardon offer is not known. Unlike Flynn, he has not plead guilty nor is he cooperating with prosecutors.

Of course, if Trump pardoned anyone, and that person accepts the pardon, such an action legally is equivalent to admitting the criminal charges are true. More dangerously for the President, that person could then be compelled to testify against Trump or anyone else because the Fifth Amendment would no longer apply.

The article doesn't mention if this issue was ever raised by Trump or his attorneys.

The most important issue raised by all this is glaringly clear -- is this something an innocent man would do? If Trump did nothing wrong, why would he try to stop a criminal investigation into his actions -- wouldn't an innocent man want to clear his name?


This lad is allegedly named Mario, but given the propensity for porn world to hand out fake names like candy, we have no way of knowing if that's correct. Unfortunately, the releasing website provides utterly no information about their models, so we're left in the dark. I'm guessing he's in his thirties, about 5'10, and about 165 pounds.

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28 March 2018


The New York Times published an excellent op-ed on Monday (link here) With the title "Yes, You Can Indict the President." The piece was written by a former assistant attorney general and head of the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice who also served for a time as Acting Solicitor General.

The case he makes is simple but compelling -- there is nothing in the Constitution that prevents indictment of a sitting President like Donald Trump. The actual trial, he argues, would then be postponed until after the President leaves office.

The rationale he offers is equally concise and convincing: statutes of limitation may expire if allowing a President to remain unindicted the entire time he or she is in office. "The White House should not be a sanctuary from justice," he concludes in the final sentence.

Read the linked column. It's not long but nonetheless is quite compelling.


The musclestud priest here goes by several names in porn but most commonly Tomas Decastro. I haven't been able to find his stats but do know he's from the Czech Republic. He's completely versatile and also escorts from Prague.

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27 March 2018

Repeatedly Rejected

In the past week, the White House has announced that several top lawyers would be representing Donald Trump as Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal investigation circles the President and his associates. And then shortly thereafter, the lawyers in question said they would not be representing Trump.

The number of top lawyers who have passed on representing Trump in the past few days is at least five (details here and here). Additionally, a top lawyer already representing Trump quit last week.

Normally, there would be a long line of top GOP lawyers willing to work for a Republican President. But not Trump. The most obvious reason is that he's incredibly needy and insists on ignoring his lawyers' advice. The biggest problem for any attorney representing him -- Trump can't keep his mouth shut.

I am crying no tears about this and I'm sure many others feel the same way. Trump's lead counsel in the Russia matter continues to be someone with no prior experience with this kind of representation. The President obviously likes the guy because he strokes his ego, but that will be exactly zero help when Mueller begins to turn the screws.

Once again, Trump is his own worst enemy.


The story here is supposed to be that Buck is straight but is tempted into letting Jaxton fuck him because the latter is so hot. Now I do agree that Jaxton is a very hot number, but the fact that Buck has let a lot of other blokes fuck him in other movies makes the plot for this one less than convincing.

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26 March 2018

Stormy Warning

The 60 Minutes interview with adult actress Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump's alleged mistress, was broadcast last night, and the complete transcript is now available for free online (link here).

The reported sex part of the relationship is rather vanilla and nothing scandalous. Trump was a sleaze to step on his new bride, but that's really a matter between the two of them and not really of any public interest.

Two non-sexual matters concerning Trump and Daniels, however, are critically important. First, the elaborate coverup to hide the affair from public scrutiny is already of interest to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is conducting the criminal investigation into the President and his associates.

The bottom line: the coverup could be viewed as a criminal conspiracy and open Trump to prosecution.

The second important takeaway are the threats that were allegedly made against Daniels. While such matters in most failed relationships are often a matter of he-said-she-said, this situation is different because her lawyer has alleged that they have evidentiary proof.

Trump also has a history of being in the penumbra of threats made against his adversaries. People have complained to law enforcement authorities in the recent past about physical threats made against them after they parted ways with the President (details here and here).

We should know by the end of this week if this latest scandal has any legs. It's curious how Trump so consistently has kept his silence, refusing to answer any media questions about the veracity of Ms. Daniels' claims.

The rare times Trump remains silent in public are often the times when he's speaking the loudest of all.

Teddy Returns

Teddy Bear was featured here on the blog two weeks ago, and he's back today for a return engagement topping two fans. His porn career is several months old now, and he has primarily performed with two studios. One uses him only as a top whilst the other only as a bottom. Coincidence or what?

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25 March 2018


I have a first for this blog today -- a book recommendation. Head to your local library and borrow a copy of Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic, by David Frum and published in January of this year (details here).

It's a fast read; I just finished reading it on a flight to New York. It's not a tittle-tattle like Fire and Fury but instead a highly articulate and readable indictment of everything wrong with Donald Trump.

The book, however, was not written by a fire-breathing liberal. Frum is a conservative Republican and served in George W. Bush's administration as a speechwriter, and his fine skill with concise, crisp language is found on every page.

He doesn't attack Trump on ideology, however. He takes the President to task for his corruption, incompetence, self-dealing, arrogance, cruelty, and greed.

The book, surprisingly, has an optimistic ending. Because Trump is such a wretched President and has corrupted the American political system, he has inspired a new sense of civic engagement and responsibility. Americans throughout the country are now becoming more involved in politics and running for office so that our nation will be come back stronger and better once Trump leaves office.

Rabbit Hutch

These two lads both have fantastic bodies, particularly the bottom. I love how all the little animals in the background are totally oblivious to the fucking. They couple with abandon in broad daylight so are nonplussed when human animals do the same.

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24 March 2018


Remember during the 2016 campaign season, when Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for President. He gave a speech at the convention where he listed problems he perceived as facing the nation and then added the same tagline to each one: "I alone can fix it."

It was the epitome of arrogance. Out of roughly 325 million Americans, Trump insisted he was the only one in the entire country who could fix potentially major problems.

Flash forward to 2018 and Trump has failed miserably. He was strong on hype but completely lacking on delivery.

Aaron Blake at the Washington Post penned a great piece yesterday (link here) that explains why Trump has failed to live up to this grandiose promise: he's lazy and unwilling to do the hard work, let alone any work, toward crafting workable solutions.

So it seems "I alone can fix this" consists of nothing more than Trump shooting off his mouth. But empty noise never fixed anything.

Blake's piece neglects to each for a conclusion as to why Trump made such a grandiose promise of "I alone can fix it" -- this is the sort of promise that a con artist would make.

Con artists peddle products that sound incredible: miracle medical cures, sure-fire investment schemes to make a quick million, mysterious products that can do incredible things. Their spiel is designed to get the money up front.

And then they take the money, turn, and run.

That's what Trump did at the GOP convention: he promised miracles and the only price you had to pay was your vote. But as soon as he got that, he completely waffled on his promise.

Now in this case, he couldn't actually run. He's hiding in plain sight inside the White House. Sadly, he fleeced millions of Americans yet they still support him as they wait with their empty promises.

So we have to give credit where credit is due: Trump is such a skilled con man that he takes the money but then doesn't have to run, because his victims keep on thanking him for nothing but a big fat lie.

Politico ran a piece on this yesterday (link here) with the title "Trump’s governing strategy: Overpromise, underdeliver." The article opens: "Trump has made a habit of sweeping promises that net headlines, only to deliver more modest results."

That's being kind. More often than not, Trump's deliveries are a heaping basket full of nothing.

The Exhibitionists

These two lads suck and fuck on their balcony and right in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and could care less who sees them have at it. The top here is the incredibly hot Morr Foxx who, sadly, only did five porn scenes before he retired.

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23 March 2018


Yesterday, Donald Trump abruptly announced that his National Security Advisor HR McMaster was leaving and would be replaced by John Bolton, a particularly hawkish warmonger who has urged for years that the United States should proactively engage in military action against both Iran and North Korea (details here).

Neither of those two countries are wonderful places, but to deliberately rush to war for the sake of war is worse than insane. Bolton has, for years, been a warmongering talking head on Fox News, where he possibly first came to Trump's attention, given the hours each day he spends watching television in the Oval Office.

Bolton's instinct to go to war, rather than seeking diplomatic solutions, does not bode well. Does his appointment, which does not require Senate confirmation, suggest that Trump thinks a sudden war will distract the American people from his disastrously incompetent and corrupt presidency?

Let's hope and pray that's not the case. Stay tuned.


This lad, allegedly named Dyson, is scorching hot. He looks to be in his twenties, stands 6'1, and weighs 200 pounds. He had that perfect combination that always gets my motor running -- sweet, kind face and a body built for sin,

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22 March 2018

Hate Has a Face

For the last several weeks, somebody terrorized Austin, Texas, by sending and leaving bomb-laced packages around the city. Several people were killed while others were seriously injured.

Last night, as law enforcement officials closed in on a suspect and surrounded his vehicle, he exploded his car and himself.

After his death and identification, the media began reporting information about the perpetrator. He apparently was a racist, because African-Americans and their communities were targeted. He also had far-right beliefs, urging that abortion should be outlawed and sex offender registries should be eliminated.

He also was virulently homophobic, as his personal blog reveals. Six years ago he wrote a post titled (link here) "why gay marriage should be illegal."

He was homeschooled but obviously not well versed in dialectics. He reaches boneheaded conclusions like "falling in love is a choice."

This only gets worse: "Homosexuality is not natural. Just look at the male and female bodies. They are obviously designed to couple. The natural design is apparent. It is not natural to couple male with male."

It's easy to dismiss him as an ignorant moron. That's not the issue here. The issue is how he was warped by hate. He liked to think of himself as a conservative, but he's all in favor of supervising other people's bedrooms.

This kind of thinking is nurtured and taught by the hateful right. Instead of just ignoring people they don't like, they insist on meddling in their lives and that they have some divine right to do so.

Hate then manifests itself in many ways. Anti-LGBT violence. Mass shootings. Acts of domestic terror. When you teach people to hate, they do hateful things, like blow people up with bombs.

This is what results when you have a President who is a toxic bundle of hate. When you traffic in hate, hate multiplies.

If you're not LGBT, no one is saying you have to love us and be part of our lives. If you don't want to see us, look somewhere else. We don't bother you. Why do you insist on bothering us and our families and friends?


This is Fernando from Brazil. He makes his living as a gogo dancer in São Paulo, which I guess means he dances in a gay establishment. He's 22, stands 5'4, and weighs 160 pounds. He has a nice, thick uncut cock and is what some of you lads call a pocket stud. He looks very cute and cuddly.

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