30 November 2017


After Donald Trump's bizarre meltdown on Twitter yesterday, The New York Daily News published the most damning editorial of a President that I've ever read (link here).

The title makes it clear: "Donald Trump is a madman: The President's Wednesday Twitter spasm confirms what many Americans have long suspected."

Rather than summarize what they've written, I suggest you just click the link and read it. It's short and, if you're not familiar with the Twitter tirade, it will brief you on that as well.

They suggest that Trump is mentally unstable and that this is not a calculated distraction strategy. They may be right. The President does not seem to be mentally sound.

Nonetheless, I think there could be one and possibly two other explanations.

First, and less damning, perhaps Trump is just feeling totally bored and utterly smothered in the White House. He is not intellectually sophisticated nor well read, and both of those are requirements for the job.

So he's like a sullen junior college student trapped in a post-doctorate seminar on highly technical issues, he's lashing out in wild frustration.

He wants to be a celebrity, not a leader. He wants to do fun things with adoring crowds. After all, he famously offered Ohio's governor the Vice President slot and total him he'd be really in charge and Trump would just do the public events.

So he could be a mental lightweight cheerleader trapped in a seriously difficult grown-up job.

Second, and potentially more interesting to us, perhaps Trump lashed out because he learned some really horrible news about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal investigation into the President, his businesses, his campaign, and his associates. Trump could have been informed that certain subpoenas were served or witnesses questioned.

This could mean Trump knows that Mueller has found his darker or darkest secrets. He could be freaking out the same way Richard Nixon must have freaked out when he learned White House aide Alexander Butterfield testified in an open hearing before Congress about the secret Oval Office taping system that tied the Watergate scandal up in a nice, neat bow.

Whatever the answer, the more Trump lashes out, the more unstable and unpresidential he acts, the more embarrassing for Republicans who continue to stand by him. Hopefully Trump will end in disgrace and all of his silent GOP enablers, too.

The Newbie

The lad seen in all the photos below goes by Sean and is brand new to porn, having made his debut this autumn. Only three of his scenes have been released to the public so far, but he's already shot about a dozen of them, both as a bottom and a top.

Sean came to porn from a career as gogo dancer and escort, so he obviously was already comfortable getting naked for pay. He's thirty, from North Carolina, stands 5'10, and weighs in at 155 fat-free pounds.

The originals for these photos are much larger than they appear below and are part of a large collection with more than one hundred fifty photos in four sets: Sean stroking alone, Sean flip-fucking with Boomer, an eclectic collection of Sean shots, and a set with Boomer topping another lad. To download the complete group in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

29 November 2017

Pathetic Neediness

Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin had a positively scorching column on Monday (link here) with the title "The Pathetic Neediness of Trump."

In it, she nicely demonstrates how Donald Trump is fulfilling Michelle Obama's maxim: "Being president doesn’t change who you are. It reveals who you are."

Rubin illustrates this perfectly with the Time magazine controversy recently in the news. Trump claimed that Time was "probably" naming him Person of the Year for the second year running, with an interview and "major photo shoot," but he pulled his name out of contention because he couldn't be promised the recognition.

Time promptly responded by saying that Trump's claim was bullshit, as phony as the bogus Time magazine covers of himself that he plastered all over his golf properties until his lie was exposed by the media.

Rubin writes: "Imagine a self-described billionaire, a man who beat the odds and won the presidency. He’s now the most powerful man in the world, but he feels compelled to make up a story to explain why a magazine isn’t giving him a meaningless tribute. That’s how needy Trump is."

The root cause of all this, of course, is Trump's raging insecurity. He doesn't feel worthy, so he lies to make himself sound more important, and thereby makes himself look even less worthy and more foolish as a result.

Rubin also notes: "His bottomless well of insecurity makes him a sitting duck for authoritarians well-versed in the art of flattery. His self-absorption make him incurious about the world -- about anything other than himself -- and as one who asserts he knows more than anyone else, he cannot learn from others. His personality defects make him unwilling to give up grudges, unable to let go of small inconsequential matters (e.g. athletes kneeling, crowd size), unequipped to control his anger, unprepared to set out a bottom line in negotiations and unmoved by others’ expectation he should show loyalty to them."

For these reasons alone, Trump is entirely unfit to be President. The disastrous first ten months of his presidency have repeatedly proven how he is just about the last person who should fill that office.

Yet why do some people keep insisting they love the emperor's new clothes?

Fortunately, fewer and fewer do. Trump is his own worst enemy, and he is incapable of stopping his self-sabotage campaign. Unfortunately, America and its citizens may well be collateral damage along the way before he is finally removed from office.

Raw on the Roof

This is a super hot scene. The big stud topping is the hung and uncut Tomas Brand, one of my favorite performers. Tomas turns fifty in two months and still looks absolutely fantastic -- this video was shot this year.

If you'd rather watch this scene on the source webpage or to download your own free copy to keep permanently, then be sure to click here.

28 November 2017

The Scam Worsens

The Senate is rushing to cobble together a income tax bill that Republicans are trying to pass this week, and with each passing hour, it resembles less and less what it was promised to be: a middle-class tax cut. An article published last night in The New York Times (link here) makes that clear in the headline: "Senators Scramble to Advance Tax Bill That Increasingly Rewards Wealthy."

This fact was also echoed in a piece published yesterday in The Washington Post (link here) about how these last-minute changes almost certainly will further benefit Donald Trump on top of the $600 million windfall he and his family will receive if this tax proposal passes.

The Washington Post also published a piece over the weekend (link here) about how the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded that tax bill would hurt poor people even more than was originally thought.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman wrote a withering opinion piece yesterday (link here) with a title that also spells things out in no uncertain terms: "The Biggest Tax Scam in History." He carefully outlines how the bill would hurt the working poor and the middle class, but help the rich, particularly those who don't work and just earn millions on their investments.

This proposal is a travesty. The fact that Trump is trying to sell it as a plan to primarily benefit the middle class is all the more obscene. We will be paying more taxes for decades just so the rich can receive even larger tax cuts.

Enough is enough. If you haven't already contacted your Senators to demand a "no" vote on this horrible bill, you must do it now. Your Senators' contact details can be found here.

Brazilian Blake

This is Blake, presumably from Brazil, given the source on these photos. I couldn't find much about them at their webpage except that he's thirty and has two brothers who have also done nude shoots. I don't know his stats, but he appears to be of average height and weight but clearly has an above-average cock.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total sixty-four in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, please click here.

27 November 2017

Hell Month

The New Yorker published an excellent short article (link here) about how Donald Trump's presidency could end up on the rocks next month.

The piece starts with a nice overview on how Trump is the weakest, least effective President in modern history. He has had no legislative achievements after nearly a year in office and is mired in scandal, something more commonly seen in a final year of a President's time in office, not the first.

And there will be no easy outs for him in the month ahead. The government is racing toward a shutdown. The GOP will try to pass a deeply unpopular tax plan but the chances for that are not good.

Trump's party controls Congress, yet he can't get anything substantive done. He's so busy on Twitter, on the golf course, and mired in some self-sabotaged crisis that he's like a man caught in an avalanche.

Remember when Trump bragged how he would be so much better than a typical politician? Maybe he actually believed that, but one way or another it turned out to be a whopping lie.

He is the worst President since James Buchanan. The only thing amazing about his presidency is how he continues to deceive his base into believing he's a success.

The Boss

The beefy, muscular lad seen in all the photos below goes by Jordan Boss onscreen. He's been doing porn since 2013 as both a bottom and a top. He's 5'10 and weighs in at 180 pounds. He looks very cuddly and has a sweet, innocent face, but don't let that fool you.

The originals for these photos are huge and are part of a large group featuring Jordan in five different hardcore shoots sucking and fucking with other lads, both as a bottom and a top. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder with more than two hundred photos featuring Jordan, please click here.

26 November 2017

Loose Lips

On Wednesday, right before the long Thanksgiving holiday, Vanity Fair published a well reported article (link here) about how, back in May, Donald Trump recklessly and foolishly revealed key intelligence to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the Russian Ambassador in the Oval Office.

While some elements of this were already reported by the press, the Vanity Fair piece provides far more detail about both what happened and the damage Trump's carelessness has caused.

The piece also breaks new ground in reporting how Israel's intelligence agency warned the CIA that secrets shared with Trump could end up in Kremlin hands, which is exactly what happened at the May meeting.

Because of Trump's horrendous blunder in May, the magazine reports, its possible that people may have even been killed because of what the President did.

Trump's actions were not illegal. Unlike all other government officials who have classified status, a President can reveal any intelligence for any reason without fear of prosecution.

What is legal, however, sometimes is not wise, and that's certainly the case here. At a minimum, Trump should have been impeached and removed from office for what happened in this May meeting. But gutless Republicans, who have put party before country, will not move on this front unless Trump's base turns against him.

I urge you to read the linked article. It reads like a spy thriller but, sadly, it's a true story.

This Film May Offend You

I will state up front that this scene is not for everyone. It includes a great deal of piss play. I don't think I've ever seen so much pee in one porn flick. But if you're into that, buckle on your galoshes and pull up a chair.

If you're not into that, then come back tomorrow.

You've been warned.

These lads must've sucked back a whole hell of a lot of beer or something similar before this was filmed. I thought perhaps some of it was trick photography, but I looked closely and it seemed real. Perhaps they used some "piss doubles" for certain angles and also shot multiple angles at once to reuse certain footage. Whatever the answer, it's a great scene.

If you'd rather watch this on the source webpage or to download your own free copy of this video to keep, be sure to click here.

25 November 2017

Possibly Huge

Late Thanksgiving Day, the New York Times broke the story (link here) that lawyers for Donald Trump's disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn have notified the White House that they couldn't discuss Robert Mueller's investigation with them any longer.

This strongly suggests Flynn is now cooperating with investigators in the criminal investigation into Trump, his campaign, his businesses, and his associates. In short, this means Flynn may have "flipped" and is now a witness against one or several people in the White House.

Mueller is legendary for having flipped key witnesses in past prosecutions. And he would only offer a plea deal or immunity to someone like Flynn if he, in turn, could finger someone more important for larger crimes.

That could mean Flynn will testify against the President's son-in-law, Jared Kusher, or his son, Don Jr. Or it could mean Flynn has flipped on Trump himself.

Flynn was one of the earliest and most important members of Trump's campaign before joining his administration. Flynn also has deep ties to the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin.

It is important to not conclude this is a certainty. Plea and immunity negotiations with Flynn's lawyers might break down and nothing could end up happening. But it's certainly a reason to be hopeful.

Stay tuned.

Brandon Triple Feature

Big studly Brandon has been featured twice before on this blog in still photo sets here and here. He's back today in a video triple feature. Brandon has to be one of the handsomest men working in porn these days.

The videos below may not last long on the source webpages, so you might want to download your free copies soon to watch at any time. Start by clicking here, here, and here.

24 November 2017

Monumental Hypocrisy

Alabama's special election to fill the vacant Senate seat is in eighteen days. I've posted twice before about this race (links here and here).

Since my last entry, the sexual allegations against the Republican candidate, Roy Moore, have increased exponentially. To date, nine women have come forward to allege they were aggressively accosted and sometimes sexually assaulted by Moore when they were teenagers, and some were under the age of consent.

Additionally, reports have surfaced that, in his thirties, Moore was barred from certain local shopping malls because he would approach underage girls and try to strike up friendships. And, a retired police officer revealed how they were charged with keeping Moore away from high school cheerladers at sporting events when he was approaching middle age.

As a result, many Republican politicians have made public remarks about Moore and, almost without exception, they have said Moore should exit the face. The one prominent Republican who urged him to stay in and hopes he will win is Donald Trump. Moore has vowed now to quit no matter what.

Ten or twenty years ago, Moore would be disgraced out of this race by now. But these are not normal times. The GOP has a thin margin in the Senate, and if Moore loses that margin becomes thinner. Some Republicans are still backing Moore no matter what allegations surface.

The largest group that has stayed with Moore is the evangelical block. Some 60 percent of Alabamans say they are evangelicals, and many of them still support Moore. He is stridently theocratic, and the ideas and policies he espouses, if they came to pass, would turn the United States into a conservative Christian nation that would, in some ways, resemble theocracies like Iran.

In a surreal vote of support, some fundamentalist ministers in Alabama have said statements to the media like "I don't care if the women's charges are 100 percent true; we still need to vote for Roy Moore."

They're backing Moore because he's anti-LGBT, anti-choice, anti-minority, anti-equality, anti-science, and anti-progress.

Fundamentalists often make anti-LGBT comments about how "the gays," if granted equal rights, would openly prey on children or try to "convert" them to homosexuality. So in their warped minds, they're voting for Moore to "protect" them, their society, and their children from forced conversion by militant gays and lesbians.

It takes a special kind of hypocrisy to back a pedophile like Roy Moore because you want to preserve "values." When you're embracing evil to protect yourself against an imaginary evil, you have become so deluded you've lost all sense of reality.

You're throwing away all your values to protect values. It is, of course, absurd.

Masturbation Station

I seriously need to start cleaning up some of my hard disks because I'm running out of storage space again. So I'll probably do some posts in the next few weeks with large collections of photos to download.

Today's theme is hot lads alone who take matters into their own hands. I've gathered together twelve photo sets from recent shoots featuring fit blokes showing off their cocks and rubbing one out.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total more than a thousand in number and featuring solos of a dozen lads. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, you need to click here.

23 November 2017

Giving Thanks

I'll skip the politics for today. I'm both an American and British citizen, but London-born, so I've never really gotten too much into the Thanksgiving thing. My boyfriend is from Central Europe, where it's an unknown holiday.

I am nonetheless thankful for many things today: love, friends, health, and freedom. Notwithstanding the present political situation, I am thankful for being a citizen of two countries with great traditions of free speech, where anyone and everyone can criticize their elected officials without penalty.

And I'm also thankful to you, my readers, both regular and occasional. It's nice to know there are thousands of anonymous blokes out there, and a few ladies, with whom I can share my lusty daydreams and filthy images.

Have a blessed and safe holiday.

Stuffing Scott

Adam is the top here. He's been doing porn for eight years and is both versatile and very kinky. He's done all kinds of kinkier stuff, piss play, BDSM as both a top and top, fisting, and more. Seems like he's doing porn to satisfy his wilder tastes more than the money. Good on him.

This is not the first time Adam was featured on this blog. Two years ago, he appeared here topping another lad with a photoset that can still be downloaded.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total more than one hundred in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

22 November 2017


Last week, The Independent ran a short article (link here) about how Crain's New York Business, a leading trade reporting publication, had downgraded the value of Donald Trump's business by 90 percent.

That was because Trump's company claimed last year it had $9.5 billion in revenues. However, recent public filings made by Trump's own company revealed the actual revenue was less than one-tenth of their claim, or about $600 million to $700 million before expenses.

Hence, Crain's is now correctly reporting Trump's business is worth less than one tenth of what Trump was saying. This has caused Trump's business to be knocked far down in rankings; it was previously at the number three spot but is now way down at number forty.

This is so typical of Trump's style of dissembling and gross exaggeration. He can't achieve something legitimately, so he lies to make it look like he did.

Raw Sexuality

Derek Anthony is the top here, an older bloke in his mid-fifties who oozes raw sexuality. He's been featured twice before on this blog in video scenes which are still active, and those can be found here and here.

If you'd rather watch today's video on the source webpage or to download your own free copy to keep, you'll need to click here.

21 November 2017


Politico published a great piece over the weekend (link here) about how Donald Trump's support has been slipping dangerously amongst swing voters in key swing states recently. Those surveyed in the comprehensive study were all Trump voters last year.

But their support has either already soured or is about to if he doesn't shape up. In particular, people reacted negatively to his incessant and strident use of Twitter.

This is not a new phenomenon. Previous surveys have shown people strongly dislike his Twitter use, including a majority of Republicans. Favorability ratings for his tweets are the lowest even for his supporters amongst all the issues about which they were questioned.

Yet Trump continues to do it. Why he does so is anyone's guess, but it almost certainly has to do with his unstable emotional state. He thrives on defying others, even if he knows -- or should know -- that doing so only harms himself. He's like the people who deliberately self-harm with knives and other sharp objects.

Over at The Daily Beast, Matt Davis wrote a good piece yesterday (link here) about how Trump has self-sabotaged with tweets before that have had disastrous results and how he did it again Monday. The why is not known without getting Trump down on a couch, but one thing is clear: this shit isn't helping him at all.

So I say keep it up, Donny. Keep shooting yourself in the foot and kicking yourself in the crotch at the same time. Demagogues usually know how to massage their message, but Trump seems incapable of trying to reach anyone except his hardcore base.

Muscle Flip Flop

Michael is the taller of the two lads here, and Sean is his fuckmate. Michael made his debut in porn this year while Sean has been at it since 2011. Both are versatile and Sean, in particular, is very kinky.

Michael stands 6'3 and probably weighs around 200 pounds. Sean is 5'10 and weighs 175. I've seen several videos where these two lads are paired, but I don't know if they're a couple or just love to fuck each other.

Michael was featured here on the blog once before in a threeway scene that can still be downloaded and Sean here in a video scene that's still active.

The new photos posted today are larger than they appear below and part of a large collection featuring four different hardcore shoots in which either Michael or Sean appear -- or both -- whilst sucking and fucking with other lads. To download this complete set with more than one hundred fifty filthy photos, please click here.