30 June 2009

Abs & Cum

Here's another great anonymous amateur jerkoff video. He could be the hot guy you see tomorrow, sitting at a table near you in Starbucks. His eyes dip down in shyness when he realizes you're sneaking a look at him. He'll go home and fantasize about you, jerking a load of thick cum onto his perfect abs. If only you had spoken up, if only you had made that first move...

29 June 2009


Uncut Jakub is 24, a model and adult performer from the Czech Republic who lives part time in Los Angeles. He's done a few solo shoots for sites like MalePerfection.net as well as private solo cam stuff, but I don't think he does porn with a partner. He's hot how, make no mistake about it, but I can't wait to see him in about ten years.

28 June 2009

Pecs & Pubes

This fantastic image appeared on the excellent blog Pecs Pecs Pecs recently. What a spectacular god he is. The file is called "George Starr" so perhaps that's his real name or that of the photographer. I researched a bit on Google but didn't find anything about any model with that name but did find several photographers.

He is perfection in person. Look at that great smile, the beautiful muscles, the thick forest of pubes. Of course he's a tease by not showing his cock, but I love cheeky blokes who tease. Readers often leave excellent information about the subjects of photos in the comments here, so perchance someone can chime in with more info or a lead on more images of this fellow.

He has sexy hands, too. I love when men have thick, strong masculine fingers and a powerful grip. I'd love to feel those manly hands running down my naked back as I played with his nipples and felt those bushy pubes against my abdomen.

27 June 2009

Treasure Trail

Of all places, I found this image on the Pentagon's website. I think more tax dollars should be spent on this kind of photography. Make smut, not war.

26 June 2009

Superior View

The View on Superior is one of my daily stops on the information superhighway. The site, run by Steve and Warren who have been a couple for more than ten years, is an eclectic mix of eye candy interwoven with interesting details about their lives plus some beautiful nature photography. Shown below are some of my favorite images that appeared recently on the blog. Once again, narrowing the list down to five was bloody difficult.

25 June 2009

Vintage Vic

In 1954, these photographs were shot of Vic Seipke, then one of the top competitive bodybuilders and physique models. He was in his early 20s at the time, weighing in at about 200 pounds and measuring 5'9". I found a news article about Seipke from a few years ago. He's now in his 70s and looks fantastic for a bloke his age.

When these images were made, male nudity was quite rare, hence his little modesty covering, although Seipke did a few tasteful, artistic nudes during his modeling years. He's straight and married, and you have to wonder if he knew that collectors of his images were a little "different." Nonetheless, he apparently wasn't homophobic. I love straight heartbreakers who aren't homophobic.

24 June 2009

Mesmerizing Evan

I found Evan (if that's really his name) on a promo page for a pay site called PerfectGuyz.com. He's not a big guy, standing a compact 5'7" and weighing in at 165 pounds. He's almost exactly my size. He's 22 and allegedly straight. His eyes are what caught my attention. I could just fall into those and lose myself.

23 June 2009

Splendor in the Grass

A warm day on the lawn without their shirts. They're close buddies so they feel no shame in freely touching each other.

But then the touch lingers a little longer than usual. It just feels too good to pull away. And then instinct and hunger take over. They don't know where they're going nor where this might end up, but they persist.

Pressed up close, smelling each other's scent, hearing each other's soft moans, feeling each other's warm breaths on their exposed skin, touching where they've never touched before, they get hard as their bodies grind together in a slow rhythm. Innocence has been lost, but that loss is not mourned for its departure has brought a heightened awareness.

They never thought they'd cross the frontier to where they are now, or even that the frontier existed, but they continue with a new urgency. This seems so right now, so perfect, there's no reason to question what will happen next.

"Shouldn't we go inside dude?"

But it's too late. He feels his friend's wet mouth on his cock. He reaches behind his friend's head and gently guides him lower as he soars to a place he's never been before.

22 June 2009

Donnie Sells Sex

About once a week, Donnie at Famous Like Me has a "Sex Sells" feature where he highlights hot men, some in modeling shots and some in mirror poses. I can never get enough of these amateur mirror gods. Here are some of my favorites. It was extremely difficult whittling the list down to five.

21 June 2009

Size Matters

I'm not a size queen but holy shit.

20 June 2009


We cannot see what's happening; however, our minds fill in all the blanks. The big bloke is doing nothing whilst the little fellow does the work on his knees, worshiping cock and caressing the deity's perfect ass. The god's lips appears to be parted, as if he's softly urging his adherent how he can better pay homage with his mouth.

19 June 2009

Carved Obsidian

This is Aubrey, a professional model from New York. He's 25, 6'1", and 170 pounds. He's solidly straight; his social networking page profile goes into great detail about everything he loves in the opposite sex. I can see how he would be irresistible to women.

I like his look. He has both an edginess and a latent vulnerability. His abs are incredible, and his skin is absolutely flawless. If I saw this guy without a shirt, I would have a difficult time not touching him because I'd want to know what he felt like under my fingers. He truly looks godlike, as if carved from obsidian and brought to life by some mysterious, exotic alchemy.

18 June 2009

Councilman Adam

The New York Times ran an article recently about a young upstart who won a nailbiting campaign for a city council seat in a small Arizona town. I thought the guy looked intriguing in the news article photos, so I tracked down his campaign webpage and the found the much nicer shot appearing below.

Councilman Adam is a 25-year-old law student, horseman, and an advocate of responsible land use. As a new councilman, he was the lone vote against changing the town plan to allow a Wal-Mart.

He may be wearing a black hat, but he's definitely a good guy. Be sure to click the photo below to see a much larger version. If you look closely, you'll see he has blue eyes.

17 June 2009

Marco the Stripper

I found Marco on a model portfolio page. He obviously has some modeling experience, but his profile is all about his work as a male stripper for bachelorette parties. That has to get boring rather quickly, I'd imagine, working as a stripper. Sure, the money must be good, but there are more challenging professions where you can make a nice living.

You're constantly being worshiped, but you're always on a pedestal with no real connection to your audience. It takes talent, of course, and you need to spend time keeping your body gorgeous so there's a big investment. But after a bit, all the drunken faces would begin to blur together, wouldn't they? Maybe he gets laid a lot this way. I've seen those websites advertised on the web, where drunken bridesmaids suck off their hot strippers. But is a whole series of lousy blowjobs really that much of a reward? A guy this hot looking can get whatever he wants just walking into a bar.

By instinct, we're drawn to his beauty, but what about the man behind the beauty? What is really there? That's why I favor brains and brawn. If this guy was a molecular biologist or a university professor and looked this good, now that would drive me over the edge. But, hell, I wouldn't kick him out of my bed if he was as dumb as a rock. Who am I kidding?

16 June 2009


A glimpse sometimes is more erotic than a full view. Here you see only a partial glance of a muscular man with a nice thick cock. This is what you might spot if you were in the locker room at the gym. A hot god is dressing further down the row of lockers. You don't see his face and only a hint of his cock because he's mostly turned away from you. In a moment, he's dressed and gone, never to be seen again. That image becomes etched in your memory like a photograph -- that thick cock, that powerful chest, that magnificent ass. You never saw his face, but what does that matter? You will never forget.

15 June 2009

Light My Fire

Josh is a real fireman from Florida. On his social networking page, he says he likes to work out, hit the beach, and party. He's hoping to meet a nice woman.

I found his social networking page after reading a news article that quoted him. The piece explored why women are attracted to men in uniform. I guess the reporter never thought to interview men like me who are also attracted to a man with a badge. Josh admitted in the article that women had asked him why he wasn't featured on any hunky fireman calendar and that such attention caused him to blush.

I spend most of my time in either New York or Los Angeles. Both cities have plentiful quantities of hot firefighter gods. In LA, I sometimes shop at a supermarket next to a fire station where the firemen set up a volleyball net in the side yard. On warm days, sometimes they play outside wearing nothing but gym shorts. They often shop together at the market, too.

Fireman are, more often than not, friendly and in excellent physical shape, even if they aren't particularly handsome. It's enough to make me want to play with matches.

14 June 2009

Tender and Erotic

I love this picture because so much is evoked at once. The bigger, older bloke is protectively holding his lover whilst simultaneously caressing him gently and stroking his cock. This is both a beautiful work of art and something that makes me hard every time I look at it. Everything about this photograph is beautiful.

I love when the special man in my life takes me in his arms like this and masters me with his touch. He masterfully plays me like a gifted musician, edging me for hours until I am lost in heaven.

13 June 2009

Big and Cute

This bloke is a bit too big for my taste, but I wouldn't kick him out of my bed. Men who are too muscular waddle like fat men, and I find that unappealing. As long as he stayed in bed and didn't walk around much, I'd be fine. I'll bet he's a great cuddler.

I don't know his name, but he's a straight bodybuilder from Romania, according to his social networking profile. He clearly loves women, based on what he writes on his page, but he's not homophobic, given the number of gay friends he has. He talks at length about how sex is an important part of his training. I'd sure like him to train me that way.