31 August 2013

Back by Popular Demand

I originally found this video online a few months after I started this blog four years ago. It was hugely popular here but only lasted a short while on Xvideos.

I was surfing through that site again this week and found someone else posted a copy. Some of you may remember this, but others were not here in the early days so hopefully this will be new for you.

Either way, I think you will enjoy it.

30 August 2013

R U Hard Yet?

My boyfriend came home from an overseas business trip this week and called me as soon as his plane touched down. A half hour later on his way back to the house, he texted me: "R U hard yet?"

Hopefully for you, a gander or two at these fine, firm lads will wake up your willy and make him come to attention. R U hard yet?

29 August 2013

The Naked Man in Your Bathroom

You live alone. You wake up tomorrow and shuffle to the bathroom, your half-hard cock tenting your shorts.

You suddenly see a half-naked man shaving in front of your sink. You have no idea how he got there. You went to bed sober the night before and came home alone.

He doesn't look at all familiar to you, given the fleeting glimpses of his face you see in the mirror. You have no idea even whether he's gay or straight.

What would you do?

28 August 2013

Razor-Free Film Festival

The eyecandy who appears in both the first and second features here is Abele Place. In the first vid he's paired with Jimmy Fanz, and in the second it's Brett Swanson.

The third lad in the solo is Carlao Buzuca. He takes a good while before he pulls those shorts off, but the wait is certianly worth it when you see the size and thickness of his armor-piercing cock.

Direct links to all three films can be found here.

27 August 2013

100 Million Pageviews

Over the weekend, I saw that the pageviews for this blog crossed the 100 million mark. That doesn't mean that many visitors. That just means the total number of times someone has looked at a page on this blog. So if you stop by for a few minutes and visit ten pages, that will add ten page views.

Javier here got so exited he had to pull of his underwear and churn out a load. Too bad he didn't do it across is belly as that creamy jizz would've looked lovely dewing on his coffee-colored skin.

I am now regularly -- and sometimes incessantly -- contacted by entities wanting to advertise on the blog, but I turn them down. Usually they're porn companies. I do this for fun, not to make money, so my answer is always "thanks but no thanks."

26 August 2013

The Great Outdoors

Summer is dwindling in many parts of the world. And with warm weather being the perfect time to go bareass outside, here are some hotties to remind us why warm weather may be the closest thing to a perfect season. Fortunately, Los Angeles stays summer warm until later in October, so those of us in more temperate climes have at least a month or more to enjoy bareass weather.

25 August 2013

I Show You Money

This is alleged to be "reality television" of sorts, where a porn crew is supposed to find a straight bloke and convince him to do gay porn for cash. It's fake, of course, because they're all recognizable adult film stars. The bottom is a favorite named Rudolph Schneider.

The train is really moving, so they may have shot this on the sly, but there are ways to keep innocent passersby from seeing what's actually happening. Still, the idea is hot. Who hasn't seen a hot bloke on the subway or Tube and wanted to do it right there?

Click here to watch directly on the Xvideos site, if you prefer.

24 August 2013

Hot Summer Love

This is a nice one. I'd love to live next door and suddenly look at my window and see this going down. So thoughtful of them not to draw the drapes.

23 August 2013


This are purportedly selfies taken by a straight bloke who put them online in hopes of hooking up with women for sex. I don't know how successful he was in that endeavor, but they're catnip for those of us who ride the rainbow bus.

He has fantastic quads, more developed than any other muscle, so I imagine he's a cyclist. I wish he hadn't trimmed off the top of his head in some of these photos because he has a very nice head of hair -- very thick and bristly, which feels great to rub your hand through when he's kneeling before you and sucking your cock.

22 August 2013

Safe to Stop

You can feel comfortable that this hitchhiker won't pull a knife or gun on you because he has no place to hide it. I know I'd certainly stop to pick him up, and I imagine you would, too.

Unfortunately, if I was hitchhiking nude, I probably would end up hard as a rock because I'd get so excited at the thought of being naked in public. On the positive side, that might increase my chances of snagging a ride as well as the probability that this would happen.

21 August 2013

Amateur Monsters

Both of these appear to be genuine amateur videos so don't expect impressive production values. The first is pitched as "Straight Friend Fucks Me" but I imagine that's wishful thinking. In the second one, the owner of that massive piece of meat is obviously trying to hide his identity.

Please click here and here if you want to watch these on the Xvideos site itself.

20 August 2013

Nate at Rest

Sometimes a picture needs to be posted by itself so we can all pause a moment and admire. This is one of those photos. The subject is Nate Karlson, who I believe has now retired from porn.

Hey Nate, our cattle have been rustled and somebody poisoned the well. Please come out to our ranch as soon as possible and get to the bottom of this. We'll start with a debriefing in our bedroom.

19 August 2013

The Yellow Jockstrap

Kurt loves his new yellow jockstrap. He's so excited about wearing it and feeling the ribbed fabric teasing his cock that he gets hard and has to whip it off and wank. That sends his fingers down to his hole, and next thing you know, he blows a load fantasizing about a big strapping truck driver popping his cherry.

Kurt's jockstrap is pretty, but I prefer vintage jockstraps. They're like cheese or wine -- the best ones age with time. Nothing is hotter than a lad in a tattered and frayed jockstrap, stained beige-yellow from piss and cum and sweat. The elastic has loosened, particularly in the pouch, allowing his cock and balls more room to expand.

18 August 2013

Boned Up Amateurs

I love these two videos because the amateur blokes in them are such unabashed horndogs. They're not polished in any sense, nothing like pro porn, but the fact they're ordinary men you'd see any day of the week who love to share their sex life online makes them very hot in my view.

The first one is only fair in terms of production values, but the lads are hard through the entire thing. They emulate pro porn with their various sexual positions. I suspect just the mere thought of fucking on film got them even hornier than usual.

The second, more adventurous one has somewhat higher production values and is actually shot in a big parking garage, or a carpark as we would say in the UK. I'd love to walk in on them when they shot this.

Click here and here to see the flicks directly on the Xvideos site.

17 August 2013

That Big Marine Loves Cock

Any day a big strapping Marine sucks cock is a good day. Any day a big strapping Marine is fucked in the ass is an even better day. Here we have a big Marine purportedly named Slate who does both.

On the positive side, Slate is one big hot slab of manstud. Some of you will hate his ink, but that's how younger blue collar men often look these days. On the not-so-positive side, the third video here with Slate taking it in the bunghole is not well directed.

I wonder how many cocks Slate sucked when he was in the Corps? Maybe now we know how he was promoted to sergeant. "Please cum in my mouth sir!" He's no longer in the Marines, he says, and after doing these videos, he won't be able to go back. But he can still invite some of his Marine buddies over for a poke and suck.

16 August 2013

Titus Studicus

Now he's a keeper. I wish he hadn't razored off his body hair, but that would soon grow back. His name, at least for porn, is Titus Eberhardt. I suspect that's made up because it sounds like "ever hard." But in German, "ever hard" is actually "immer hart."

Well I heart Titus, that's for sure. He stands 5'10" and weighs in at 220 pounds. That meaty, thick uncut cock is magnificent. I'd love to see it hard, but from what I was able to learn, Titus only does "soft" nudes like these. To see him hard, you need an invitation to his bedroom.

As is usually the case here, the actual pictures are larger than they appear below. Right click each one to see the original, larger version.

15 August 2013

Army Catnip

Photos like this are catnip for me. He's not model hot, but he's a real soldier who decided to get naked for someone online. I find that very appealing. Was he looking for a blowjob? Was he offering one?