31 December 2012

Eye Gandy

I featured David Gandy here at the blog back in the beginning, nearly four years ago. He's a top fashion model who, refreshingly, isn't afraid to show his cock on camera.

30 December 2012

The Horny Bartender

The premise here is rather silly -- go for the super hot bartender with an incredibly bad pickup line. He'll instantly respond favorably and, for a bonus, he won't even be wearing pants when you approach him.

I like how big Bo bangs the little pup in front of all the patrons. Of course this was all prescripted and arranged, but I am always turned on by the idea of public fucking.

29 December 2012

Landon's Jockstrap

Poking around on Xvideos, I found this scene with Landon that has only been viewed by ten people. Sometimes their videos seem to slip through the cracks on their indexing feature, but that's good for us at it should last longer.

Landon must've been a bit horny when he made this as he seems a tad rougher than usual. I'm sure you've experienced that, too. Your lover is out of town, and when he finally gets back, you just can't help yourself.

28 December 2012

Friday Double Feature

I usually don't put up videos on Friday, but I found one that might not last until the weekend. The first one is a new video featuring the ever-popular Patrick O'Brien that some kind lad in New Zealand posted yesterday.

In the event that's deleted, I've put up a second unrelated new flick from a popular studio for your enjoyment posted by the same bloke. Neither will likely last long, so watch as soon as you have a chance.

27 December 2012

Fine Artrotica

Porn is great to see a hot stud in action. To appreciate his body, sometimes you need some fine art erotica -- or fine artrotica -- to appreciate him fully.

26 December 2012

Dean's Tight Hole

Dean Coulter is the smaller lad here. He is just so hot and cute with such a sweet face. He retired from porn about ten years ago and is sadly missed.

25 December 2012

Jingle Balls

May your holiday be packed to bursting with hard-pounding joy! There is no rest for the wicked, so if you can't be good, at least be careful.

24 December 2012

Home Alone

He's bored, he's a little drunk, and he's horny. What a great time to whip out the camera phone!

I'd be hard pressed to pick just one of these lads for playtime. One, two, four, and five are all winners in my book.

23 December 2012

Big Men in Tight Pants

If their pants were any tighter, they'd be considered fugitives from the 1980s. Tight jeans are hot, but sometimes tight pants are even hotter, particularly if they're free balling.

22 December 2012

The Speeding Ticket

In the interest of justice and to keep traffic court backlog to a minimum, Ranger Bobby decides to dole out the necessary punishment to a mouthy cracker caught speeding in his park. But one wonders if the lad was going too fast deliberately, hoping for a taste of Ranger Bobby's rough justice.

21 December 2012

Riding Pavel

My image host is wonky again so I'm posting a video today. Here is Pavel from his younger days when he was arguably in his best physical condition. A hot man with a hot cock.

20 December 2012


Am I wicked for having impure thoughts about this photo? I don't want the Westboro people on my case. Next thing you know, they'll all be standing around here at the blog, blocking everyone's view with their insane signs.

19 December 2012

The Billy Herrington Experience

This is badly dubbed in Spanish, but that doesn't matter because Billy and his mate are so damned hot. I love the bit in the end when Billy rubs his cum on the tip of his cock. We all know how good that feels!

18 December 2012

Taco Bill

These great images were all pulled from a fantastic site called Taco Bill. On the site, you'll find more than 10,000 posts, each one averaging a dozen or more images. It's like a bottomless well of magnificent stud flesh. Definitely check it out.

17 December 2012


I love this picture. This lad is so excited and happy to have his face used like a pussy. You get the sense his other hole will soon be used equally unmercifully, which is exactly what he wants. Nothing says true love like a good rough fuck.

16 December 2012

Double Penetration Theatre

I have a feeling double penetration is one of those things that looks much better in porn than in real life. I have a sense that it's not a lot of fun for any participants, whether the bottom or the tops. Has anyone here ever done this, either pitching or catching? Spill the beans in the comments section!

15 December 2012

Pool Party

This should make the bulge in your Speedos a little bigger. If anyone in those houses in the distance has a telescope, he's in for a surprise.

14 December 2012

I Caught You Looking

This is Ray Luis, photographed by the mononymously named Murray. Ray is of Puerto Rican ethnicity from the Bronx and now lives in Knoxville. He's 28, 6'2, and 170 pounds. He pretty obviously has close to zero body fat.

You have to know when Ray is in the locker room, some lads who thought of themselves as straight might start to do some soul searching. They can't stop looking at that, and then they get a funny feeling in their tummy.

And then when they're in bed that night and trying to wank off to a fantasy about some big-titted skank, they can't stop thinking about what they saw hanging between Ray's legs. And then they realize it's not the skank who is getting them hard -- it's what they saw in the locker room.

13 December 2012

Let's Play With Matches

The helmet is fake, so he's probably not a real fireman. Maybe he's a stripper. Whoever he is, he's a hot one. That sweet, innocent face and that body is pure catnip for me.

12 December 2012

Kent's Self Love

This is not the most dynamic of videos, but it's the only one I could find featuring Kent naked. I love how he really seems to enjoy playing with his cock and stays hard through most of the video. I hope that's real and not Viagra induced.

11 December 2012

The Slugger

This lad goes by the name of Kent Slugger. I'm guessing that's not his real name but it is cute nevertheless.

He's an aspiring model in his early thirties who's from the south and stands 5'7". I can't help noticing his body, but the real attraction for me is his sweet, handsome face.

I have found one video where he wanks on screen. I don't know if he's done any other adult work. Please add a note in the comments if you know of anything else.

10 December 2012


Bruno Nicolato is from Brazil. He's 32 years old and stands 1.80 meters, or about 5'11". He looks Italian and has an Italian name, so possibly his ancestors were from Italy.

I can think of all sorts of filthy things I'd like to do to and with Bruno. I don't know whether he's a member of Team Rainbow, but my Team Rainbow Meter beeped as soon as it saw him.

These are nice large images for the most part, so they may load slowly if you don't have a speedy connection. Be sure to click each one to see him full sized.