31 December 2013

The Fine Art of Face Fucking

Sometimes I think gif loops can be just as hot as the video itself, and here's a good example. I much prefer to see some hot facefucking as opposed to a blowjob where the passive recipient just sits and watches.

And it's much better to facefuck your lover than to sit or stand there there like a slug staring at him. Oral sex should be interactive.

Here's to hoping your 2014 is filled with lots of hot face fucking and much more that keeps your balls in constant risk of cum depletion.

30 December 2013

The Bookworm

Hopefully during the holidays you've been catching up on your reading. I know I am.

Imagine coming home to find this lad sprawled on the floor surrounded by your tossed-about books. Would you get angry? Call the police? Or would you strip down, too? I think we already know the answer.

When you think about it, this is actually a silly pose that doesn't reflect human behavior. Who strips off his pants and/or underwear without taking off his shirt and tie, too, and then sprawls on the floor to read while giving the family jewels a good airing?

But it's hotter this way, for some reason. Maybe because it helps us imagine him both dressed and totally naked. Or it could be the juxtaposition of his bookish face and naughty pose.

Whatever the answer, that fat bookworm between his legs is mighty tempting. (This picture is quite large, so click here to see him full size.)

29 December 2013

I Heart Versatile Men

Both my boyfriend and I are versatile. I think versatility builds character. If you can both dish it out and take it, you're a stronger man for it. Some men think it's not masculine to bottom, that the bottom needs to be the bitch, but I say they're wrong and probably just afraid of giving up their cherry.

Here are three versatile flipfuck scenes I recently found on Xvideos. In the first one, the lads are a bit older, whilst in the others they're more of college age. These lads all look like they have as much fun bottoming as they do topping. Good show, lads.

If you'd rather watch on the source site, click here, here, and here.

28 December 2013


I liked all three of these videos because the lads looked like they're really into fucking. The check at the end of the shoot is nice, but they see that as the icing on the cake and not the most important part. Porn with enthusiastic and horny suckers and fuckers is usually better than the gay-for-pay stuff, and I think all three of these scenes prove that rule.

I particularly like the last one with overlapping cumshots. They're not quite simultaneous, but what the top does afterward really makes this a gold-star winner, in my opinion. I watched that part several times.

If you'd rather watch at the Xvideos site, please click here, here, and here.

27 December 2013

Suburban Dad

This is Scott Styles, who was featured here at the blog more than four years ago in a different shoot. He was a straight pornstar who also did some solo jerkoff vids and photo spreads for his male fans. According to the Internet Adult Film Database, he retired in 2011.

I've always liked his look -- he could be that hot suburban dad you spot at Home Depot. The fact that he usually didn't shave his body hair when he worked in porn was a definite plus for me. His beautiful pelt should not be spoiled by a razor.

These are larger images and part of a sixteen-image set that you can admire and download free here. If you'd like to see him in action fucking chicks, I found two of his videos here and here. Warning: pussy and tits are in full view on both clips.

26 December 2013

Happy Boxing Day

If you were born in the UK like I was or if you're from the several commonwealth countries that celebrate it, you know today is Boxing Day. Contrary to urban myth, the holiday has nothing to do with the sport of boxing or putting your Christmas boxes away or returning presents to shops.

The holiday was so named when wealthy people gave their servants and tradesmen their "Christmas box," a gift-filled box in return for working on Christmas Day. Think in terms of Downton Abbey, where the landed gentry lolled away opening gifts and entertaining whilst servants waited on them. In compensation, the servants were given the day after Christmas off and sent on their way with their Christmas box.

More recently, it is often the day when people return their unwanted or ill-fitting gifts to shops. But remember, before you rush back with those socks that didn't quite fit, there is one other use for them, as the lads here demonstrate quite well. If you need to make a closer examination, be sure to click here.

25 December 2013

Holiday Treat

Someone put an entire classic porn movie on Xvideos recently. If you're not familiar with the genre, porn back then often emphasized rugged masculinity over pretty faces and gym-toned bodies.

Paired with that is an amateur video featuring one of the hottest "ordinary" lads ever in this type of stuff. He's well hung and a nice body to boot. He could make a living in porn.

If you'd rather watch on the Xvideos site itself, please click here and here. Happy holidays!

24 December 2013

Ho Ho Ho!

Happy holidays to you lads (and several ladies who also visit here). Now's the time to be bad, because Santa will be too distracted delivering gifts to find time to add your name to his naughty list.

I want to know what that box is about on the table behind the lads to the right of the picture near the flowers. It's all wrapped with a bow and has a cock-size hole, like it's a tiny little gloryhole box. Maybe that's what got the two blokes here all heated up to start: one put his dick in the box for the other as a gift.

This picture is enormous, so click here to see it full size in glorious boner-color.

23 December 2013

Brown Sugar

This lad has all the right ingredients: a nice body, some fur to keep you warm on a cold night, a winning smile, a fat cock. He's a new addition to the Sean Cody stud stable. I hope they bring him back for some fucking. I'd love to see him topping and bottoming.

These pictures are larger than they appear below; click here for a free folder with all of them in their original size.

22 December 2013


I had a bit of free time yesterday so I hunted around on Xvideos to see what had been posted lately. I found this one with the legendary Dino Dimarco.

He is the epitome of masculinity, the sort of bloke who long ago helped me realize you could be both manly and want to fuck men.

If you'd rather watch on the Xvideos site, please click here.

please click here.

21 December 2013

Hot Latins

Here are three vids with the general theme of Latin men in search of pleasure. First up is a Brazilian clip that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but who cares when it's porn. It appears to be about two guards in a minimum security facility and some of the cum-crazed lads in their custody. Skip through the first portion with no sex because that's tedious.

Second are two lads who throw caution to the wind and fuck like bunnies. Both blokes are very easy on the eyes. And last up is what appears to be a dude recording himself while he wanks to some porn on his computer. He's a hot one and needs to get into professional porn. Maybe he's one of you, watching the porn linked here.

If you'd rather watch these on the Xvideos site, go here, here, and here.

20 December 2013

What's Going On?

I can't tell what's happening here. This appears to be an amateur, caught-in-the-moment photo. Did one lad just pull his hand away after jerking off the one with his back to the camera? Or is the one facing away from us imaging his cock in a computer scanner or copy machine?

I do know Mr. Middle has a bloody fantastic backside. The way the fabric clings to the taut muscles of his perfect cheeks is nothing short of magnificent. I'd wager that his tight virgin ass would be a true pleasure to deflower.

To see a larger version of this picture, click here.

19 December 2013

We Have Your Boyfriend

We haven't hurt him, but if you don't put $5 million in used bills in a pillowcase and leave it in locker 231 at Grand Central Station by noon tomorrow, we're gonna take him down to the truck stop for a gangbang. He insists he's a virgin, but if you don't turn over the money, he won't be for much longer.

I promise I'm not turning this into a bondage blog, but he was just too good to pass over. I don't know about that duct tape over his mouth, though. That could really hurt pulling it off that pretty face. I'd use masking tape instead, the better to yank off before stuffing my hard meat in his puss.

18 December 2013

Antonio Triple Feature

Given the popularity of the Antonio video that appeared here recently, I hunted around on Xvideos and found some more recent ones featuring him and his scud missile-size cock. In the first one, you'll see some vigorous piston fucking, which is something of an Antonio trademark.

In the second one, the lads start with some dry humping, which is always a favorite for me. I think it can be really erotic if it's not done in a campy way. That goes for real life, too. You see a hot guy -- start dry humping him. It might lead to a friendship, or a night in the hospital.

In the third one, he finds a well hung friend to help out with some DP. I have to think that lad was hurting a bit the next day, but he sure looked like he was getting what he wanted.

I learned recently that Antonio has a son. So is he straight or bi? He sure seems to like eating blokes' asses if he's straight. If you'd rather watch these on the video site, click here, here, and here for direct links to the pages. The first two might not last long because they're recent posts, but the final one should last because the lower URL number reveals it's been on the Xvideos page for a while.

17 December 2013

Elysian Fields

This big strapping stud is Ron Fields, circa early 1980s. He was before my time, but before a disastrous fire destroyed my porn collection, I owned the magazine in which these photos appeared. I believe I bought it at a used book store in Los Angeles with a bunch of other vintage stroke mags for a dollar. I used to buy many of their vintage gay porn mags for sale.

I searched his name in various porn databases, and if he ever appeared in porn films, it doesn't seem to have been under the name of Ron Fields. I particularly like his thick, muscular chest and that forest of curly pubes. He would never be called a twink.

Most of these images are much larger, so please click here for a free folder of all pictures that appear below.

16 December 2013

Military Might

I don't know if all of these are amateur shots of military men, but I imagine at least most are. The lack of any piercings plus clean shaven faces, not to mention their cammies, suggests that they are.

Some of these appear to have been made in motel rooms. Did they shoot these waiting for some girl to show up? Or some lad? Others are clearly shot in military facilities. They might be the ones emailed home to their girlfriends or boyfriends.

Whenever I see military personnel waiting in an airport -- they are so easy to spot, their civvies notwithstanding -- I can't help but think of pictures like these. Strapping young lads pupped full of hormones and testosterone are very easy to undress with your eyes.

Of course, since some of these are phone images, they are not to best quality. To see a free online folder with all of these images, plus more than a dozen amateur military lads I didn't use, click here.

15 December 2013

Chance Encounter

I always like public sex porn, and this first one was shot creatively. The JO portion at the start was probably shot in a fairly inaccessible part of the subway during a low ridership period.

The subsequent portion in the subway car was also likely shot in the off hours. The rooftop is actually the easier part to shoot. Few could see that and all kinds of edgy stuff happens on city roofs.

The second clip is almost certainly amateur footage. The lighting is not the best and production values are for shit, but the blokes are hot and so is their fucking.

If you'd rather watch on the Xvideos site, click here and here for direct links.

14 December 2013

Socks and Double Penetration Festival

By dumb luck when looking around at Xvideos yesterday, I found two films featuring blokes fucking in socks and with double penetration. Is this a whole porn sub-sub-subgenre? The penetrators are also substantially hung, too. Ouch.

One vid is a little dark and has an annoying red gel in the first few minutes, but then it becomes easier to see. It's my favorite of the two flicks. The slutty bottom's moans and whimpers sound like the real deal.

If you'd rather watch on the source site, click here and here.

13 December 2013


This bloke is fantastic: hirsute, handsome, hung, uncut. Those nice plump balls suggest low hangers. He's also got attitude. I like that. He doesn't care if the whole world sees his meat.

Like many amateur blokes I post here, I have no idea who he is. I don't recognize him from porn land, but if he ever wants to get into that business, he could do well.

I like him so I violated my self-imposed rule about posting horizontal images. I'd love to see more pictures of him but haven't been able to find any. Click here to see a much larger version.

12 December 2013

A Few Dollars Short

Fabio has been featured here before, but I just spotted this set recently. He and his magnificent cock deserve a revival.

He is not stunningly handsome, but he's all man. He reminds me of those hot grease monkeys you occasionally see toiling away in a mechanic's lair. I can imagine him in nothing but a grimy pair of coveralls, the zip down low revealing his powerful chest and his big uncut cock bobbing and poking at the thick fabric.

I'm thinking Shawn, the other lad here, was $12 short on his bill and Fabio was not amused. "I'm not a fuckin' bank, dude," Fabio says with a snarl when Shawn asks to add it to his next invoice. "Now get on your knees and work for your money. Twelve bucks divided by the minimum wage rate means I own your ass for the next hour and a half."

These images are huge, so click here for a free folder where you can see them all in their large size.