15 December 2013

Chance Encounter

I always like public sex porn, and this first one was shot creatively. The JO portion at the start was probably shot in a fairly inaccessible part of the subway during a low ridership period.

The subsequent portion in the subway car was also likely shot in the off hours. The rooftop is actually the easier part to shoot. Few could see that and all kinds of edgy stuff happens on city roofs.

The second clip is almost certainly amateur footage. The lighting is not the best and production values are for shit, but the blokes are hot and so is their fucking.

If you'd rather watch on the Xvideos site, click here and here for direct links.


  1. I would love to stumble across Antonio Biaggi like that!

  2. Anonymous08:43

    the amateur clip gets my vote for the best energizer bunny flip fuck award ;]

  3. Anonymous08:59

    The second video is a scorcher!!

  4. Anonymous06:46

    Highlight for me in the first one - those heavy balls slapping against the other one's arse. The second one - love the lustful frantic non-stop knobbing - no foreplay, just get down on it!


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