31 December 2016

Dreaming of Dick

The holiday weekend is here so no assigned reading today. Our porn video features a hot preppy lad dreaming of sharing blowjobs with a scruffy older park ranger stud. There's no fucking here, but it's a sizzling hot cocksucking scene.

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30 December 2016

The Hateful Cast

The Advocate published an article on Wednesday (link here) about the various religious figures the incoming Trump Administration has invited to the inauguration next month. I wasn't surprised to see that the majority of them are vocally anti-LGBT figures.

The best known is Franklin Graham, who has loudly supported anti-LGBT measures like North Carolina's constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. He has also praised autocrat Vladimir Putin's anti-LGBT programs.

Also included on the program is Timothy Dolan, the Roman Catholic archbishop of New York. He, too, has vocally lobbied against marriage equality in his state and also compared same-sex marriage to incest.

Two other lesser-known clerics slotted to appear at the inauguration ceremony are also loudly anti-LGBT figures who have fought against equality efforts.

Trump's supporters keep insisting he's pro-LGBT, yet why is his inauguration being blessed by anti-LGBT haters? Why are no prominent pro-LGBT clergy invited from the mainstream pro-LGBT denominations like the Episcopal Church, the Presbyterian Church, or the United Methodist Church?

The answer: because Trump isn't pro-LGBT. He's been caught, yet again, talking out of two sides of his mouth.

Our featured stud today is not a clerical leader, but he does have a fuzzy muscular body worthy of worship. He's Tyler, who is 25, stands 5'9, and weighs 165 pounds.

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29 December 2016

The Coming Showdown

The Atlantic magazine is part of my regular reading because they reliably publish thoughtful, well reasoned articles on a wide variety of topics. I thought a piece they published yesterday (link here), with the title "The Religious Liberty Showdowns Coming in 2017," is well worth reading.

The piece focuses on more than just LGBT issues and touches on topics of concern to progressives. In short, it highlights what likely will be one of the primary public debates during the early part of Donald Trump's administration. As the article describes it, "Every issue will come saddled with this fundamental conflict: Some groups’ claims to religious liberty may necessarily involve curtailing the rights of others."

In shorthand, this is the fundamental rhetorical question -- does someone else's religion give them the right to discriminate against us?

Every LGBT person in America needs to ask that question. Hopefully, an overwhelming majority will answer "no."

Unfortunately, Trump and those in the highest levels of his administration apparently believe the answer is "yes."

And therein lies the great conflict ahead of us. That is why I have been vigilantly speaking out against Trump in this blog since the election. This is more than about left versus right, Republican versus Democrat.

This is about allowing the incoming President to undermine a core tenant of American democracy and equality. This is about trashing every civil right gain in the last sixty-five years. This is about turning American into an anti-LGBT theocracy.

That is why I am so alarmed and why I am not alone in that fear.

Turning to our stud of the day, Mario is a beefy uncut hottie ready for action. The releasing studio did not provide any information about him, but hopefully they'll bring him back soon for some hardcore action with other blokes.

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28 December 2016

A Confederacy of Villains

Donald Trump is an arch-villain, but he's certainly not the only villain posing a threat to the peaceful enjoyment of American life. To that end, The Huffington Post published an article yesterday (link here) titled "Here Are 13 Of The Worst Anti-LGBTQ Villains Of 2016" that is well worth a read.

It's important to note that many of the thirteen homophobic villains identified in the article also supported, endorsed, and campaigned for Donald Trump. Now when haters like North Carolina's outgoing governor Pat McCrory support Trump, how can the incoming President be pro-LGBT, as many of Trump's misguided supporters are hoping we'll believe?

Our video feature for today brings back Tayte and Darius, seen here yesterday in still photos. These two lads have a sizzling on-screen chemistry that makes this scene extra hot.

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27 December 2016

Toxic Delusion

The Huffington Post published an excellent article last week (link here) titled "Trump, Islamophobia, And The Toxic Delusion Of White Gay Men."

The piece succinctly deconstructs pro-Republican, pro-Donald Trump gay white men who "embody a trend within the so-called mainstream gay community, which has always valued traditional masculinity, whiteness, and homonormativity at the expense of more marginalized LGBTQ Americans."

These gay conservatives, the author writes, hope "by acting white enough or male enough, by cozying up to America’s current mascot of toxic whiteness and toxic masculinity, by engaging in all his favorite forms of bigotry, they’ll insulate themselves against the homophobia and anti-gay violence that goes hand-in-hand with all those other forms of oppression."

The writer of the article, Michael Darer, has described the situation perfectly. I highly recommend everyone read the piece and pass it on to all pro-LGBT friends and family.

Our two featured blokes today are neither toxic nor delusional but they are sexy hot masculine men. Both Tayte and Darius are versatile, so it's no surprise they end up flip-fucking.

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26 December 2016

Boxing Day Butt Banging

Here are two very hot blokes flip-fucking -- Adam Killian and Tomas Brand. Both are very nicely hung and both can take a big cock up the ass without problems.

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25 December 2016

Yuletide Cheer

Happy Holidays to my readers throughout the world. I hope Santa is good to you this year, and that you have a special stud to cuddle and kiss under the mistletoe.

Today's hunk is a real police officer from Baltimore who rescues kittens and cats. You can be sure he has someone to cuddle every day of the year.

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24 December 2016


The holiday weekend is here, so no assigned reading today. Instead, a very romantic and stylish porn scene is featured. This is sort of like a hardcore cologne advertisement.

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23 December 2016

Legalized Discrimination

Several readers alerted me to an excellent summary article on the NBC webpage (link here) with the title "First Amendment Defense Act Would Be 'Devastating' for LGBTQ Americans." The feature very clearly spells out how this proposed law, which Donald Trump has promised to sign, would not only permit businesses to discriminate against LGBT Americans but also force taxpayers to fund the Justice Department's defense of the discriminating businesses.

If the law passed, a restaurant could legally post a "No Fags" sign in their window and refuse service to LGBT patrons. To add insult to injury, the federal government would pay to defend the business, not the discrimination victims.

Not only could LGBT patrons be targeted by any business, they could also legally refuse service to any unwed heterosexual couples and single mothers. Such a law essentially forces conservative religious beliefs on the entire country -- a Christian sharia.

In the 1950s and 1960s, when businesses tried to discriminate against minorities on the grounds it offended their religious beliefs, federal courts rules such attempts were unconstitutional. If Congress passes this anti-LGBT law, will courts protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans like they once did minority Americans?

Our featured photo set for today finds Colby hooking up with two different lads in a stairwell. First brown-haired Levi sucks his cock and gets fucked, followed by blond Will who enjoys the same treatment. Why can't Colby just invite these blokes back to his place?

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22 December 2016

Licensed Hate

National Public Radio broadcast a segment on Tuesday (link here) that's garnering attention in the LGBT and mainstream media.

Gay journalist Billy Manes commented on how LGBT people and their friends and family are feeling more anxiety since the November election. This comment from Manes is the one getting the most buzz: "There is so much licensed hate right now, and I'm hearing it more often than I've ever heard it in my life."

I know a lot of people who have said something similar to this. In the last two decades or so, the LGBT has made so many positive strides. And now we've hit a wall with Donald Trump's election and so much hateful rhetoric is pouring out of his supporters.

Yes, he held up a rainbow flag at a rally and he also said in his convention speech something about protecting LGBT people from terrorism, but he's surrounded himself with so many people who have openly hostile and downright hateful attitudes about LGBT people. He has an anti-LGBT cabinet and is pledging to sign anti-LGBT legislation, so the new administration will not be a net-positive for LGBT people, no matter what Trump says.

Nancy and Ronald Reagan had gay friends, but the Reagan Administration was a disaster for LGBT people and LGBT rights. Many people fear -- and I'm one of them -- that the Trump Administration will be much of the same. Trump may have LGBT friends, but his administration will be no friend of the LGBT community.

If you're LGBT -- and that's likely considering you're reading this blog -- you might want to consider moving to a LGBT friendly state if that's possible to cushion the impact of an anti-LGBT federal government. Mother Jones recently published a short article (link here) showing which states are LGBT-positive in their legislative outlook.

My adopted state of California is at the forefront of most progressive LGBT-friendly movements. Most LGBT people I know here started life someplace else, then moved here and are happier as a result.

Speaking of happiness, our stud for today has crazy eyes but also a hot body and a great cock. He looks like the sort who could go Fatal Attraction on you if you tried to dump him. And he's yet another porn stud with a noticeable religious tattoo. I'm thinking porn producers must advertise in Christian magazines for new talent.

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21 December 2016

The Shaft

The Wall Street Journal ran an article yesterday (link here) about how Donald Trump has shafted some of the most important people who supported him during the darkest hours of his campaign: Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, and Mike Huckabee, amongst others. He needed them then, but he doesn't need them now, so out they go.

The piece also details how Trump has jettisoned all sorts of promises he made during his campaign that he now all but admits were just attempts to pander to voters.

The bottom line: if he doesn't need you now that he's been elected, you get the shaft.

So remind us again why we should trust his vague assurances to the LGBT community made during the campaign, given he has now turned his back on so many people and promises that helped him? Remind us again why we should still trust him on LGBT issues when he has appointed so many hatefully anti-LGBT people to his new administration?

Trump has a very, very long history of playing people, scamming people, using people, and then discarding them when he no longer needs them. This is something he's done all of his career.

For instance, he shafted the illegal aliens who worked on Trump Tower (link here). When he didn't need them any more, they ended up fired and unpaid -- and then Trump tried to have them deported.

But LGBT folks should trust him because he held a rainbow flag upside down for a few seconds?

In fact, the opposite is true, as the linked articles establish -- we should assume Trump is lying unless he conclusively proves otherwise.

Let's move on to something pleasant -- porn! Featured today is a scorching hot flip-fuck scene with Sergeant Miles, the big musclestud whose pictures were posted yesterday, paired with smooth uncut Aussie stud Michael Lachlan. If you don't have a raging hard-on after watching this smoldering scene, you might possibly be in a coma.

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As a reminder, Sergeant Miles appeared in another hot flip-fuck video featured here on the blog in July, which is still live. Click here for that link.

20 December 2016

Birds of a Feather

Considering how Donald Trump keeps appointing anti-LGBT officials to his administration, why are we supposed to still believe the President-elect is actually pro-LGBT?

North Carolina's outgoing governor has been harshly anti-LGBT, and he's now reportedly been assured of a place in the new administration (link here). Is an appointment like that the action of a pro-LGBT President?

Meanwhile, hardcore conservatives in Congress have met with Trump and delivered a list of regulations they want him to repeal as soon as he's sworn into office. Some of these include important LGBT protections (link here).

How Trump responds to this request will be a key early litmus test as to whether he gives a shit about LGBT citizens or not. Stay tuned, but I'm not holding my breath.

Our porn stud for today is Sergeant Miles. I know some of you won't like all his ink, but that's part of what makes him trashy hot. Muscular, physically fit working-class men often have tattoos, so you have to accept that as part of the whole package.

Miles is bi and has done straight, tranny, femdom, and gay porn. He both tops and bottoms but seems to top more often. He stands 5'6 and weighs 165 pounds. He's exactly my height, so he would be great to cuddle naked or include in a threeway.

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19 December 2016

The Witch Hunt

The media has widely reported how the incoming Trump administration has close ties to the anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council (FRC). And now Tony Perkins, the FRC head, is calling for pro-LGBT personnel at the State Department to be "ferreted out" and replaced by anti-LGBT conservatives (link here).

Perkins' statement echoes demands made by Joseph McCarty in 1950 when he insisted people he painted as "communist sympathizers" be ferreted out of the State Department. His hysteria was later widened to include Hollywood and other industries during the infamous Red Scare.

Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has LGBT activists worried for other reasons (link here). He currently is CEO of Exxon, a company with a recent history of anti-LGBT practices and behaviors.

How the new Secretary of State responds on LGBT issues will be a critical early test of where the Trump Administration actually stands on such matters. Does it reveal that it is pro-LGBT, as Trump has claimed, or anti-LGBT, as most of Trump's appointees clearly are?

Our two lads featured today definitely have a pro-LGBT policy. In fact, that policy is so friendly it extends to sucking each other's cocks and buttfucking.

If the top looks familiar, he's been featured here before in two posts. The first (link here) had him naked and jacking off whilst the second (link here) featured him being sucked and bottoming.

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