27 December 2016

Toxic Delusion

The Huffington Post published an excellent article last week (link here) titled "Trump, Islamophobia, And The Toxic Delusion Of White Gay Men."

The piece succinctly deconstructs pro-Republican, pro-Donald Trump gay white men who "embody a trend within the so-called mainstream gay community, which has always valued traditional masculinity, whiteness, and homonormativity at the expense of more marginalized LGBTQ Americans."

These gay conservatives, the author writes, hope "by acting white enough or male enough, by cozying up to America’s current mascot of toxic whiteness and toxic masculinity, by engaging in all his favorite forms of bigotry, they’ll insulate themselves against the homophobia and anti-gay violence that goes hand-in-hand with all those other forms of oppression."

The writer of the article, Michael Darer, has described the situation perfectly. I highly recommend everyone read the piece and pass it on to all pro-LGBT friends and family.

Our two featured blokes today are neither toxic nor delusional but they are sexy hot masculine men. Both Tayte and Darius are versatile, so it's no surprise they end up flip-fucking.

The watermarked originals for these photos are larger than they appear here and total more than three dozen in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, you should click here.

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