30 November 2013

The Cowboys and the Jerkers

I may have featured this first vid here before, but I see someone has recently posted it on Xvideos, so I thought a second look was warranted, if it is indeed a repeat. It's a long-time favorite from earlier porn days.

The second lad is an amateur production that I bet some of you blokes will really like. He's a fire-red ginger who models a new cock ring on his thick uncut meat and then jacks off for your viewing pleasure. I guess he has some sort of webpage because he talks about "a fan."

The third vid is anonymously made by a well hung lad who experiments with jacking off through sheer pants. I think his experiment was very successful.

For those of you having difficulties viewing the videos below, please click here, here, and here for direct links where you can watch them on the Xvideos site.

29 November 2013

Virgin Territory

This is Evan Shaw, one of the new confections at the Randy Blue website. He's young but not really a twink. What a prime piece of manflesh he is.

Right now, they have him doing a solo jerkoff scene, which seems to be the standard maiden voyage for any new lad in porn. I'm certainly hoping they bring him back for later use with a partner or two.

His sweet little hole looks tight and virginal. He also has perfect blowjob lips. Lucky is the man who popped or will pop his cherry.

These photos are larger than they appear here. For a free folder with 28 larger shots of Evan, please click here.

28 November 2013

Traveling Man

I'm not an American by birth, so I have no Thanksgiving tradition of my own. We did not celebrate the holiday growing up, so I've never paid it much attention.

I often use Thanksgiving day to begin or end a trip, and I'm doing so again this year. The day before Thanksgiving can be a nightmare for travelers, but not the actual holiday day itself. It's arguably one of the best days of the year to travel domestically or in/out of the US.

If you're traveling this holiday, take care and stay safe. And if you have a chance to drop your pants at an appropriate moment, as we see this hot bloke doing here, go for it and take a picture picture. This exhibitionist proves the old adage that some of the hottest and horniest men can be found at truck stops.

To see a much larger picture of the naked trucker, click here.

27 November 2013

The Horny Casting Director

If you're familiar with the Los Angeles area, you may recognize some of the shots in the early part of this first video. The shot of the anonymous gated movie studio, for instance, is actually one of the back entrances to Warner Bros. in Burbank.

That doesn't detract from the fact that the vid is damn hot. The exploiting casting director is one big hot slab of manstud.

The second video is a very short bonus and an amateur production. A nicely endowed lad whips out his cock in a real airport, whilst real passengers walk on the concourse behind him. He jerks off until cum flies all over the place. He then puts his cock away but makes no effort to clean the cum off his shorts.

If you walked back into that waiting area shortly after he was finished, you'd smell the distinct scent of cum and possibly notice the sticky white cream on the carpet. The drying goo on his shorts would be a dead giveaway who was responsible. And maybe that's exactly what he wants.

Click here and here for direct links to the flicks on Xvideo.

26 November 2013

1937 Group Shower

Recently I was looking through a digital folder of old news photographs. Scrolling through quickly, I saw a flash of this image before it passed on by.

The horndog who lives in my brain shouted, "hey, hold it, you just passed some gay porn." So I scrolled back and found this.

Taken in 1937, the photo shows four college football players having a shower. The two on the left are halfbacks, the one center right is a fullback, and the one on the right is the quarterback. It wasn't meant to look like porn then, but it looks like that now.

Now I don't know anything about American football, but I have taken a shower or two in a locker room in my day. I don't ever recall blokes standing this close together, soaping up and rinsing off, unless it was in some kind of porn scene. Real men give each other more personal space than this.

I imagine they were bunched together so they would all fit in the photo. In 1937, that wouldn't raise any eyebrows and most anyone seeing this in a newspaper or magazine would think nothing of it.

But I'll bet some lads cut it out to save. Their minds went deeper, much like the horndog trapped in my brain. This would be pure fantasy-generating material in an era when gay porn was non-existent. The lads on the left look like they're actually touching groin-to-groin as if they've got some frottage going on.

And one other thing -- the quarterback on the right who looks like he's buttfucking the fullback? No joke -- his name was Elmer Logg.

You'll find a larger version of this same photo here

25 November 2013

Thick Meat

This lad is not massively built, but I've included him for a variety of reasons. First, sharing naked pictures of yourself online is almost always to be encouraged. Second, he's not huge but he's in very nice shape, with low body fat and a great sixpack.

Something happened between the fourth and fifth picture to cause him to lose his erection. Perhaps he shot his load into the photographer's mouth. There seems to be a knowing expression towards someone offscreen.

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24 November 2013

The Great Outdoors

Given the right weather, the great outdoors may be the best place to get down, as the lads in the first clip here have realized. But if you have inclement weather, a nice handy cavern will do the trick, as those in the second clip have discovered.

To view directly on the Xvideos page, please click here and here.

23 November 2013

Manly Men

Here are three twink-free features that just appeared in the past week on the Xvideos site. Some or all of these may not last long, so sooner is better than later if you're scheduling your viewing.

If you prefer to watch on the Xvideos site instead, please click here, here, and here.

22 November 2013

Check Your Basket?

I was doing some early online holiday shopping this week. One site asked me after I made each purchase, "check your basket?"

For those not in the know, "basket" is the same as "package," both long-standing slang for the bulge of a man's cock and balls seen through his clothes or underwear. The bigger the bulge, the bigger the basket.

So when the site asked to check my basket, this is what I saw in my head.

21 November 2013


This is Dmitry, who is a DJ, model, dancer, and more from Moscow. I don't know his age or stats; I couldn't find them online. Let's not mince words: he has a magnificent cock, and the rest of him is mighty easy on the eyes, too.

I'm fairly certain he's on Team Rainbow but I'm not positive. I found pictures online of him kissing men whilst shirtless and dancing with men in a tiny swimsuit. I did not find any pictures of him with women.

All of these pictures are bigger than they appear below, and some are considerably larger. You'll want to click here for a free folder of all eight images in their original size plus a few more not featured here. I'm sorry about that pussy shit on the picture hosting site, but it's a free place to park them for unlimited traffic and you shouldn't be looking at that anyway.

20 November 2013

The Swim Team

Our high school had no swim team. Had I known this sort of thing happened, I would've worked diligently to organize one. Had I known this sort of thing was going on when I went to college, I would've tried out for the swim team.

I apologize for the fact that some of the videos linked here have been shut down as of late. When I find a hot clip has been posted on one of the porn sites, I will link it here, but that's all I can do. When it's gone, it's gone. As the Vicomte de Valmont says frequently in Dangerous Liaisons, "it's beyond my control."

To view these randy swim team lads directly on the Xvideos site, please click here and here.

19 November 2013

Heavy Meat

I know Fran├žois Sagat has as many detractors as he has fans, but you can't say this picture isn't blazing hot. He has one of the most beautiful uncut cocks I think I've ever seen, and trust me I've seen quite a few in my day. This picture is huge, so you can see the full size version here.

18 November 2013

Hanging Out

When things heat up with another man and sexual activity is imminent, one of the hottest sights is when he opens his jeans and you see he's flying commando. First you see his patch of pubes. Then you see the root of his cock.

He keeps sliding down his pants, as more and more of the shaft appears, until the head comes into site. Once his cock is free of its restraint, it bobs out into the open and, perhaps, begins to harden.

It's like opening a present as more and more is revealed until you see the whole wonderful gift. Thinking about this is making me hard right now. How about you?

Most of these images are much larger than they appear here, so here is a free folder containing all of them.

17 November 2013

Hard & Hairy Heat

Some of you readers ask for more of the younger lads here, and others ask for brawnier, hairier men. This post today will appeal more to the latter group. Here are some lads who aren't afraid to get hair between their teeth.

To view on the Xvideos site itself, you'll need to click here and here.

16 November 2013

Youthful Indiscretions

These all appear to have been posted by someone this week, and given they're from some of the popular studios, they may not last long. The theme is the same in all three: young men who realize, happily, that pussy is not what they want and need. They just need a bro to go.

I liked the first best of the three, but perhaps you'll have a different favorite. If you prefer to watch on the host site, you'll find the direct links here, here, and here.

15 November 2013

A Crying Shame

This big strapping lad is very easy on the eyes. He has a handsome face, a beautiful smile, a great body.

But. But, but, but.

What the hell happened to your pubes, man? Did you attack them before or after you took the cheap razor to your natural body hair, which left you with those inflamed follicles?

Throw that thing away. Walk over to your window right now, open it up, and toss that razor straight out of your life. Never, ever use it on yourself like this again.

Then come back in two months and show us how much hotter some natural hair makes you look.

These are very large images, so click here for a free folder with all eight images of big Enrique plus four more I didn't use.

14 November 2013

Hairy Cuteness

This lad is definitely a keeper. He's younger than my usual fancy, but I'll make an exception for his furry bod. I don't think he's terribly tall, based on his overall proportions, so I'm guessing no more than 5'7" or so.

He goes by Charles at one porn site but likely that's not his real name. The real tragedy is that he also did a flip-flop scene with another lad at the same porn site but he shaved all off his freaking hair before he did it.

These photos are larger than they appear here, so if you'd like to see them in their original size, plus another eight photos of furry Charles not shown here, be sure to check out this free gallery.